Back from the dead with a COVID comic

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(This just in from Beatrice the Biologist, please support her on Patreon “Woahhhhhh, who is this lady? I thought she had gone to Mars or something. But no, I am still on Earth, and I did not die, though you may have wondered. No, I have just been in a cocoon trying to survive the apocalypse. But seriously, after …



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This just in from Paul Yankie. Thanks to Paul and all those that helped get this legislation passed. SUMMARY-Cincy CRA Changes 1-1-22 (Changes take effect as of 1/1/22 and are only applicable to “…applications for Residential Improvements where the remodeling or construction commenced on and after January 1, 2022, as either evidenced by permits issued by the City’s Department of …

Greenbuild Closing Event USGBC 2020 Leadership Awards

Greenbuild Closing Event: USGBC 2020 Leadership Awards

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These Green Leaders don’t know how to take “No” for an answer! #greenbuild The USGBC Leadership Awards Ceremony recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations committed to advancing green building design, construction and operations. Join us virtually to recognize these industry pioneers. From the YouTube video: USGBC is honored to announce the 2020 Leadership Awards recipients: -Chris Castro, director of sustainability …

Embodied Carbon in Materials - Data Visualization & Cost

Embodied Carbon in Materials – Data Visualization & Cost

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Greenbuild 2020 session review: We’re glad clients are now asking if their carbon footprint will be lower if they don’t tear down the old building but renovate it. In early 2019, Gensler San Diego began working closely with Interface in combination with the materialsCAN effort to develop an embodied carbon case study. This initiative focused on reducing embodied carbon on …

Building Science Fight Club

Huber Presents: Airtight, Done Right: Simple and Efficient Solutions

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Our editorial: Air sealing is a major way to improve the HVAC performance for existing buildings. Just a minor adjustment can have huge effects. We’ll be looking at ways we can improve the air sealing of the Contemporary Arts Center’s glass and concrete construction. From the session outline: “Since the 1990s, residential buildings have shown dramatic and consistent improvement in …

Getting from Bio-based Materials to Carbon Negative Products

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Buildings and construction account for 40% of total global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and experts say carbon emissions from the built environment need to peak within 15 years for Earth to have a chance of staying below the global warming tipping point. According to Architecture 2030, the manufacturing of building materials will result in at least half of building-related GHG …

Simplifying Deep Building Retrofits with Integrated Systems

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Integrated systems approaches are essential for deep energy efficiency. Indeed, they are a given for any net-zero building. However, they are challenging to implement in existing buildings due to the required level of expertise and effort to address them under existing conditions.  Simply put, it is not easy to implement integrated systems solutions in building retrofits and this hinders achieving …


LEED: The path to a regenerative future

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Carbon, Carbon, Carbon is the theme for Greenbuild 2020. You can now purchase Renewable Energy Credits to offset your carbon footprint. The push for Zero-Carbon in everything from materials to demolition will make it much easier for projects to be certified and really push the marketplace to take a new look at where carbon is coming from and how to eliminate it.


Creating a Living Laboratory: The School as a Teaching Tool

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We’re particularly interested in the Green Building as a teaching tool since the Contemporary Arts Center is planning a new children’s education remodel on the sixth floor. We love to visit children’s science museums around the world and see how to enlighten kids’ curiosity. For the local Earth Day event, we’d love to have some fool proof electrical experiment modules …