Our office is LEED Platinum.

Our original office was LEED Platinum. Now we’re volunteering our time and resources to help the Contemporary Arts Center achieve LEED Certification.

Green Cincinnati’s goal is to help promote Green Building and sustainability in the Tri-State and provide the public with the resources needed to advocate for the U.S Green Building Council’s LEED Certification process and measurable environmental benefits for all species.

Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy welcomes the public to see, learn and do all things green. Through seminars, tours and hands on projects, green thinkers — designers, visionaries, activists, home owners, educators, students, contractors and suppliers are encouraged to learn more about the USGBC methods and practices in designing and constructing energy efficient and sustainable structures for the benefit of the immediate area and the world.

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In 2007 we started to promote LEED by holding afternoon seminars as forums for prominent LEED pioneers to address the community of architects, engineers, contractors and the public. From there we started to volunteer with the Cincinnati Regional Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council and helped develop their web site and trade show exhibit materials. Promotion doesn’t come without education and we registered our offices as a LEED CI project as well as Chuck Lohre passing the LEED AP exam. After developing educational materials for the Fernald Preserve Visitors Center we created classes to help individuals pass the LEED AP exam with one-on-one mentoring and tutoring. With the push to achieve LEED AP status by June 30, 2009, several classes were held. A unique aspect of the classes were actual tours of many regional LEED projects. Currently we are helping promote the USGBC Southwest Ohio Chapter’s Green Home Tours. We are also volunteering to implement the ARC Carbon Footprint monitoring app at the Contemporary Arts Center as a path to LEED certification as Operations and Maintenance v4.1. We are creating an eQUEST energy model to evaluate the Zaha Hadid designed building. If you would like to help, get in touch. We are also volunteering to help Burning Man become carbon negative.

Please contact us for assistance for commercial LEED Documentation, developing branding, research, brochures, web sites, technical literature, presentations and publicity that doesn’t “Greenwash” the subject. Thank you for the opportunity to work with national and international companies and properly present products and services exemplifying leadership in energy and environmental design. We received LEED Platinum on our old office May 5, 2011. Learn more.

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USGBC Disclaimer
Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy is not affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC®) or the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy does not administer the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) credential program or the LEED Green Building Rating System. LEED and USGBC are registered trademarks of USGBC. Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy does not claim any endorsement or recommendation of its products or services by USGBC or GBCI other than those approved for LEED Credential Maintenance Program through the USGBC Education Review.

USGBC has not reviewed or approved, and does not endorse any products, services, credentials or certifications associated with our courses or internships. Neither USGBC nor GBCI participated in the development or delivery of our exam preparation course. Neither organization endorses our course as test preparation courses or materials for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)® Professional exams, nor do they guarantee that course attendees will successfully pass the LEED Accredited Professional Exam after completing our course.

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Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy, 535 Windings Court, Cincinnati, OH 45220
Editor, Chuck Lohre, Cell 513-260-9025, [email protected]
Green Cincinnati Newsletter & Web Site: www.greencincy.wpmudev.host



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