Building as a Teaching Tool - Greenbuild 2018

Making the Most of the Building as a Teaching Tool – Greenbuild 2018

ChuckLohreContemporary Arts Center, Greenbuild

Graphic designer explains the features of the environmental graphics at the elementary school, Greenbuild 2018 presentation. Transcript, “They couldn’t do it all. They needed to hire professionals. I was one of those. I came in at the end of the cosign I’d been lucky enough to work on every single project at [Robisham 00:00:09] since then. Coming in to do …

Deceuninck's Helen Peyton Describes Their New Revolution WindowDoor at Greenbuild 2018

Greenbuild 2018 Showcases New Windows and Water Treatment Solutions


There are over 500 exhibitors at Greenbuild 2018. Here are a couple in our region. After seven and a half months, continually circulating water through our unit and through this section of pipe, we now have an opening! Chuck Sanderson: Hi, I’m Chuck Sanderson with Superior Manufacturing. We manufacture chemical free water treatment equipment for scale control and corrosion control …

Greenbuild 2018 - Lohre-LEED-Dynamic-Plaque-Score

USGBC Announces all LEED Certified Green Buildings Eligible for LEED Recertification at Greenbuild 2018

ChuckLohreContemporary Arts Center, Greenbuild

LEED recertification raises the value of ongoing performance in the built environment, critical to the continued evolution of the building industry at large CHICAGO – (Nov. 15, 2018) – The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced that it will begin offering LEED recertification for all LEED certified projects. To be eligible for certification, projects must submit 12 months of data demonstrating …

Nice People Greenbuild

People Are Nicer at Greenbuild


Why are environmental educators nicer people? That’s a comment we got a lot as we started to cover the show floor. Compared to contractors, builders and building material suppliers that you find at many industry shows, the folks at Greenbuild are a bit more like Burning Man. They have an environmental consciousness and show it. Maybe they are not as …