Ohio EPA awards $3.25 million for the installation of Level 2 EV chargers

ChuckLohreEV Cincy

Sharing another piece of exciting news this week: the Ohio EPA recently awarded $3.25 million in grants for the installation of over 500 public Level 2 EV chargers across 22 Ohio counties! These new chargers will be installed in over 170 locations, expanding Ohioans’ access to EV charging. The City of Cincinnati was among the grantees, winning $22,500 to install …


EVs and solar can be great complements to one another

ChuckLohreCincinnati Electric Car Club, EV Cincy

To accompany the launch of the City of Cincinnati’s Solarize Cincy program, I am sharing an infographic about how EVs and solar can complement one another. According to Solar United Neighbors (the City’s partner for the Solarize program), “Using solar as a clean ‘fuel’ for EVs has the potential to dramatically decarbonize the transportation sector. The improvements to battery technology …


EV Cincy’s Charging 101 Fact Sheet

ChuckLohreEV Cincy

I’m excited to share this week’s EV resource: FB-Twitter-LinkedIn – Charging 101 So much information but laid out in a clear and easy way. If you are considering becoming an EV owner, you’ll want to download a copy for yourself. As always, take a look at it and let me know if you have any questions. One of the most …


Busting EV Myths

ChuckLohreEV Cincy

Hello from your local EV Cincy Ambassador! This week I’m sharing a simple document from EV Cincy that presents and dispels 5 common “myths” regarding electric vehicles. Have you come across these or other EV myths? Or, are there other EV-related topics you’d like more information about? My role as an EV Ambassador is to work with EV Cincy to …