EVs and solar can be great complements to one another

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To accompany the launch of the City of Cincinnati’s Solarize Cincy program, I am sharing an infographic about how EVs and solar can complement one another. According to Solar United Neighbors (the City’s partner for the Solarize program), “Using solar as a clean ‘fuel’ for EVs has the potential to dramatically decarbonize the transportation sector. The improvements to battery technology …

Great Christmas Gifts

The Ten Greenest, Greatest Christmas Gifts: 1. Recycling set, 2. Graywater Sink, 3. Bicycle, 4. Raised Garden Bed, 5. Walking Shoes, 6. Honda Insight, 7. Nest Thermostat, 8. Big Ass Fan, 9. Pellet Stove Grill and 10. Glider Ride

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Great gifts covering all the bases: Food, Transportation, Energy, Water and Materials.

Cincinnati Electric Car Club participation in the Northside 4th Parade

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This group is open to everyone, and is especially targeted to: those who own hybrid or plug-in electric vehicles and want to network with other owners; those who are thinking about buying or building an electric vehicle and want a support group; and those who want to help promote electric vehicles for all of their many benefits – Contact Larry Falkin (513) 352-5325, [email protected] for more information. We plan to use the decoration on the cars to communicate that electricity is 1/5th the cost of gasoline, electric cars park for free in most Cincinnati parking lots and meters