Cincinnati Electric Car Club Introductory Letter from Christian Huelsman

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Thanks so much for either making it out to the inaugural meeting at Cincinnati Hybrid or simply showing your support for the first alternative fuel vehicle group in the region! Now, we know that not everyone uses Facebook. However, it’s a good start to bring most of the base together throughout a Facebook page, so that we can talk about future meetups, meetings, and other activities. Chime in here, tell us all what kind of car you have, and share your ideas –>

As most of you recall, Mac Ryan, owner of a Chevy Volt and Mac’s Pizza Pub in Clifton Heights, has offered to host the first Cincinnati Electric Car Club meetup. This coincides with the completion of one of first public accessible electric charging stations in the area, located at the rear of his business on McMillan Street. A definite date is still forthcoming, but I’m confident that we can make it happen in the next couple weeks.

Additionally, the owner of Fuel Coffee on Riverside Drive recently inquired about hosting a hybrid/electric “summit” (his desired word choice for a meetup). He regularly hosts meetups for car enthusiasts on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings for Coffee & Cars. I believe other groups such as CincyScoobs, a Subaru enthusiast group, and a Porsche group have set up dates as well. Sundays are set aside for motorcycles. So, I think we could definitely enjoy some biscuits and gravy, coffee and smoothies, and enjoy the Cincinnati skyline from the riverfront. Let me know your thoughts. Perhaps a Thursday evening from 5-9, as they have on Wednesdays, would be a good test run. They can be found on Facebook here –>

The group has some great ideas thus far, and would be great to continue building relationships between those enthusiastic about growing the group … sustainably!

Christian Huelsman

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