How to design and live in a Green Home while studying for the LEED for Homes AP exam

ChuckLohreLEED GA AP+NC/CS/SCH Class

The following is an outline for a series of classes to pass the LEED for Homes Accredited Professional exam.

We’re creating a series of tours that focuses on how families are living sustainably in their homes. Our goals will be to learn the LEED for Homes Sustainable Categories.

How to design and use a kitchen to make healthy food for your family, while easy to use and clean.
What does a landscape look like that is easy to maintain and grows food? While composting too.
Bathrooms that uses less water and energy, how does that look and feel?
Living rooms that uses less energy and is a multi-use space. What kind of furniture do you need to make a space multi-functional? A place for children to grow up and be themselves?
A garage that can also be a work shop and storage.
How do you use plants to lower the C02 in your bedroom?
How can a homeowner understand the HVAC and water systems in their home? What is it like living with renewable energy?


Sept. 11, 2012 LEED GA – Green Associate Exam Study Class Starts

ChuckLohreLEED AP Exam, How to pass, LEED GA AP+NC/CS/SCH Class

Prepare to pass the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Associate Accreditation Exam. Includes the opportunity to work on a LEED Project to obtain the work experience required to take the exam. After the last class Oct. 9, 2012, the instructor will work with each member individually to review their practice tests until they are achieving a 90% score and ready to pass the exam.

When: Five Tuesday evenings from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. – Class will prepare you to pass the Green Associate exam.

Where: Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy LEED Platinum office, 126A West 14th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202

Class fee: $250, space is limited so please contact Chuck Lohre ASAP 513-260-9025, [email protected]

Class Materials Required: You will need this study package for the class: An online subscription to Silver Package (Study Guide, Flash Cards, On-Line Practice Tests) $64.95

USGBC Registration and Exam fee: $250,

LEED Green Associate and LEED AP Exam Classes

ChuckLohreLEED GA AP+NC/CS/SCH Class

January 2012 – Mondays and Thursdays – Green Associate Exam Study Group starts – Four week class that will prepare you to pass the Green Associate exam. Former GCEA class members may audit this class at no charge. Contact Green Cincinnati for more information. You will need this study package for the class:  An online subscription to Silver Package …