Ohio EPA awards $3.25 million for the installation of Level 2 EV chargers

ChuckLohreEV Cincy

Sharing another piece of exciting news this week: the Ohio EPA recently awarded $3.25 million in grants for the installation of over 500 public Level 2 EV chargers across 22 Ohio counties! These new chargers will be installed in over 170 locations, expanding Ohioans’ access to EV charging. The City of Cincinnati was among the grantees, winning $22,500 to install …


Red Bike Awarded Living Lab Grant

ChuckLohreCincinnati Red Bike program, EV Cincy

Exciting news in the Cincinnati micro-mobility scene — Cincinnati Red Bike was recently awarded a prestigious Living Lab Grant from the Better Bike Share Partnership (BBSP). The mission of the BBSP is to identify barriers to bikeshare and find solutions to make bikeshare more accessible. Each of the five cities designated as Living Labs (Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Portland) …


EVs and solar can be great complements to one another

ChuckLohreCincinnati Electric Car Club, EV Cincy

To accompany the launch of the City of Cincinnati’s Solarize Cincy program, I am sharing an infographic about how EVs and solar can complement one another. According to Solar United Neighbors (the City’s partner for the Solarize program), “Using solar as a clean ‘fuel’ for EVs has the potential to dramatically decarbonize the transportation sector. The improvements to battery technology …


EVs & Equity: Clean Transportation for Communities of Color

ChuckLohreEV Cincy

This Thursday, February 25 from 1-2pm EST, EV Cincy is hosting the next installation in their E-Vroom Zoom event series, “EVs & Equity: Clean Transportation for Communities of Color.” If you found the Cleveland Study I shared last week interesting, you won’t want to miss this event, featuring two members of the Cleveland Study team at EVHybridNoire. The program will …


Cleveland Study released by EVHybridNoire and Clean Fuels Ohio

ChuckLohreEV Cincy

This week we’re helping to get the word out about the brand new Cleveland Study released by EVHybridNoire and Clean Fuels Ohio. Both of these organizations are doing great work to advance adoption of electric vehicles. EVHybridNoire is “the world’s largest network of diverse electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts” and advocates for e-mobility solutions in underserved communities. Clean Fuels Ohio …


EV Cincy’s Charging 101 Fact Sheet

ChuckLohreEV Cincy

I’m excited to share this week’s EV resource: FB-Twitter-LinkedIn – Charging 101 So much information but laid out in a clear and easy way. If you are considering becoming an EV owner, you’ll want to download a copy for yourself. As always, take a look at it and let me know if you have any questions. One of the most …


Busting EV Myths

ChuckLohreEV Cincy

Hello from your local EV Cincy Ambassador! This week I’m sharing a simple document from EV Cincy that presents and dispels 5 common “myths” regarding electric vehicles. Have you come across these or other EV myths? Or, are there other EV-related topics you’d like more information about? My role as an EV Ambassador is to work with EV Cincy to …


Keeping a finger on the Pulse of EV Cincy

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Hello from your local EV Cincy Ambassador! Background (from the Electrification Coalition’s website): A number of reports highlight the data collected from consumer surveys that there is a strong and growing interest in EVs across the country. In July 2019, the Union of Concerned Scientists and Consumer Reports conducted a national survey on the car buying intentions of U.S. adults …