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Hello from your local EV Cincy Ambassador!

Background (from the Electrification Coalition’s website):
A number of reports highlight the data collected from consumer surveys that there is a strong and growing interest in EVs across the country. In July 2019, the Union of Concerned Scientists and Consumer Reports conducted a national survey on the car buying intentions of U.S. adults to find that “over a third (36 percent) of all prospective car buyers in the U.S. would consider buying (31 percent) or definitely buy (5 percent) a PEV (plug in electric vehicle) within the next two years.”

Well, what does that look like for the Cincinnati region?

During ride-and-drive events, we would ask participants to complete a pre and post ride survey. They were a short series of questions and helped us understand the public perception of EVs before and after the experience of driving an EV. Along with our partners, Forth Mobility and the Electrification Coalition, we’ve created a consumer survey independent of the EV driving experience. The purpose of our EV Cincy consumer survey is to gather community data that captures Cincinnati resident’s current awareness and knowledge of electric vehicles. This information will be used to help gauge how much and what kind of educational programming is needed and which topics to highlight in our local market.

The purpose of this week’s post is to encourage people to take the EV Cincy Community Survey.



This week I am helping EV Cincy spread the word about their monthly news brief, The Pulse. If you have enjoyed the content I’ve been sending about Cincinnati’s work surrounding electric vehicles, I definitely encourage you to subscribe to The Pulse and have a unique perspective on the EV world, from local and international news and developments, delivered to your inbox. Not only will you receive the latest EV news, you will also get to read firsthand accounts of local dealership visits and test-drives of various EV models, and interviews of passionate EV enthusiasts and experts from across our region.

If this sounds interesting, here is the link to subscribe: http://bit.ly/EVCincyPulse 

All the best,

Chuck Lohre, EV Cincy Ambassador


More information from our advisor, Jennifer, after attending the recent Zoom meeting.

Thank you for joining EV Cincy’s January E-Vroom Zoom – Ohio Transportation: Cleaner, Safer, Smarter, featuring Drive Ohio. For anyone who would like to review the presentation, here are a few resources:
We would love to see you at our next E-Vroom Zoom! To keep up with our events and all things EV Cincy,

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Zavon | she/her
Sustainability Fellow, Public Ally
City of Cincinnati, Office of Environment and Sustainability


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