Cutting Carbon: Strategies for a Zero Carbon Future – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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Editorial, “This presentation confirms our three step strategy to understand our project’s needs and timeline. We’re volunteering to help the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in downtown Cincinnati to achieve LEED Certification. First we implemented the U.S. Green Building Council’s ARC building carbon footprint measuring system. Second we are assembling the complete energy history of the building from its construction in …


Machine Learning for City-scale Decarbonization Planning – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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Editorial, ” This session reviews the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Cities program globally. Cincinnati received its LEED Certification in November 2019. The second speaker presented his PhD work analyzing efficiency models holistically and not individually. This allows a city to understand where investment will have the most impact. We are donating our time attending Greenbuild to help the Contemporary …


The Great Balancing Act: A Candid look at the Business Case for Decarbonization, Material Health and Circularity – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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As the green building movement has matured, and an awareness of the urgent problems at hand – climate crisis, material toxicity, resource depletion, systemic racism, and now pandemic – has expanded, the list of sustainability attributes that clients are requesting has grown to seemingly unmanageable lengths. How can the green building community prioritize, balance, and consolidate market demands for meaningful …

Greenbuild Closing Event USGBC 2020 Leadership Awards

Greenbuild Closing Event: USGBC 2020 Leadership Awards

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These Green Leaders don’t know how to take “No” for an answer! #greenbuild The USGBC Leadership Awards Ceremony recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations committed to advancing green building design, construction and operations. Join us virtually to recognize these industry pioneers. From the YouTube video: USGBC is honored to announce the 2020 Leadership Awards recipients: -Chris Castro, director of sustainability …

Getting from Bio-based Materials to Carbon Negative Products – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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Buildings and construction account for 40% of total global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and experts say carbon emissions from the built environment need to peak within 15 years for Earth to have a chance of staying below the global warming tipping point. According to Architecture 2030, the manufacturing of building materials will result in at least half of building-related GHG …


Air Quality Sensors to Meet ARC Requirements – Greenbuild 2019

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ARC is the U.S. Greenbuilding Council’s carbon footprint monitoring online program. For about $360 dollars a year any building can subscribe and start tracking their carbon footprint. Once a year’s worth of data is recorded the project can consider getting Certified a LEED building with the Operations and Maintenance requirements. If the building is achieving 40 points for LEED Silver …

Greenbuild 2018 Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney Starts Greenbuild 2018

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Greenbuild 2018 Opening session with Amal Clooney Before Amal took the stage the CEO of USGBC spoke to the 2000+ in the audience. They encouraged everyone to keep working to improve the built environment. He spoke about the new ARC post certification system. The one we are researching this week to use at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. It’s …

Great People at Greenbuild

Greenbuild 2018 – Human + Nature

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Off to Greenbuild 2018 to cover the event for Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy. We have several experiments to work on this week. ARC for the CAC Greening the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati will include implementing the ARC program for the building. We did it at our office in 2017, “Is LEED Dynamic Plaque Good for Green Building Marketing?” We …