Air Quality Sensors to Meet ARC Requirements – Greenbuild 2019

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ARC is the U.S. Greenbuilding Council’s carbon footprint monitoring online program. For about $360 dollars a year any building can subscribe and start tracking their carbon footprint. Once a year’s worth of data is recorded the project can consider getting Certified a LEED building with the Operations and Maintenance requirements. If the building is achieving 40 points for LEED Silver …

Greenbuild 2018 Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney Starts Greenbuild 2018

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Greenbuild 2018 Opening session with Amal Clooney Before Amal took the stage the CEO of USGBC spoke to the 2000+ in the audience. They encouraged everyone to keep working to improve the built environment. He spoke about the new ARC post certification system. The one we are researching this week to use at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. It’s …

Great People at Greenbuild

Greenbuild 2018 – Human + Nature

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Off to Greenbuild 2018 to cover the event for Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy. We have several experiments to work on this week. ARC for the CAC Greening the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati will include implementing the ARC program for the building. We did it at our office in 2017, “Is LEED Dynamic Plaque Good for Green Building Marketing?” We …

Adaptive Reuse: New Life for Old Buildings

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The exciting project I’m talking about comes from two college guys in Vermont.  Needing a capstone project for their degree, the two paired up and proposed a project to convert an old coal power plant into a cultural center in their Vermont town.  Not only was their project proposal approved for their capstone project, but they also contacted the mayor and other major players in town to propose the project in actuality – which rarely happens with college capstone projects!

Cincinnati LEED Platinum office - Washington Park

Ten of the World’s Greenest Offices

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 – 6:18pm, Green Biz Jonathan Bardelline Few offices take the grand steps to join the greenest of the green, whether anointed by LEED Platinum or the Living Building Challenge. These 10 soared beyond the low-hanging fruit to make major strides in efficiency, material use, recycling and more. 1. Skanska’s VКla GМrd office Some structures on on this list were …

Great Christmas Gifts

The Ten Greenest, Greatest Christmas Gifts: 1. Recycling set, 2. Graywater Sink, 3. Bicycle, 4. Raised Garden Bed, 5. Walking Shoes, 6. Honda Insight, 7. Nest Thermostat, 8. Big Ass Fan, 9. Pellet Stove Grill and 10. Glider Ride

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Great gifts covering all the bases: Food, Transportation, Energy, Water and Materials.

365 Sustainability Leaders

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The 365 is a group of individuals that pledge to not contribute any more carbon to the atmosphere. To join purchase carbon offsets or create a lifestyle that doesn’t add carbon to the atmosphere. If you like, you can join our Facebook page. Thanks for your interest. You’ll be invited to special events and eligible for recognition by our sponsors who also contribute no carbon to the atmosphere. The name 365 comes from the number of days in a year 365.2422. We hope you’ll look into carbon offsets and a sustainable life style and join us.