Large solar panel array for Greater Cincinnati nonprofits

ChuckLohreGreen Umbrella, Thrive Together

Last year I proposed this idea to Green Umbrella’s Thrive Together Collective ideas for a major grant for the region. Please log in and vote for this proposal The Inflation Reduction Act has funds for large community solar arrays which serve nonprofits. Typically nonprofits have been underserved by federal tax abatements because they don’t pay property taxes. The new …

Green Umbrella 20th Anniversary

Green Umbrella Cincinnati Sustainability Collaborative Celebrates 20th Anniversary

ChuckLohreGreen Umbrella

Rashida Manuel, Director of Public Engagement Green Umbrella: We are thrilled to be adding a new initiative to Green Umbrella this week. The Cincinnati 20, 30 district is building a community of building owners and property managers in downtown Cincinnati, who are committing to 50% reductions in their energy, water, and transportation emissions by 2030. We have 13 members so …