Wall Street Journal Recycling article

Hunches regarding why people recycle or get vaccinated.

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We each have hunches regarding why people engage in activities such as walking to work, recycling, or getting vaccinated. For instance, theories regarding personal motivations for recycling abound. Recycling, it has been suggested, is popular because it alleviates our guilt for not adopting the more inconvenient aspects of sustainable living. This hypothesis suggests that curbside recycling is simply an antidote …


Behavioral Chains – Community-Based Social Marketing

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Hi Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy, ​ The last three Minutes have addressed determining which health, safety, or environmental behaviors are most important to target. I introduced the importance of creating a list of end-state, non-divisible behaviors and using impact, probability, and penetration as behavioral characteristics to determine which actions are most important to encourage. So, imagine that you have narrowed …

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Ohio USGBC Chapter Newsletter – May Member Spotlight

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Chuck Lohre | LEED AP ID+C, SMPS CPSM Editor, Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy Sustainability passion: To help promote green building and sustainability, provide the public with the resources needed to achieve LEED certification, and create measurable environmental benefits for all. Most meaningful experience with USGBC: Achieving LEED Platinum on my former office and being included as one of the top …

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Why you’ll have to wait for self-driving cars

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Are you eager to kick back on your commute or a long road trip and let your car drive for you? While self-driving cars once seemed like the stuff of sci-fi novels, many experts are promising they’ll be a reality sooner than we think. A 2015 Guardian article even estimated they could be a common sight on the road by …

Aptera Sol

Shining Sol – The latest Aptera model

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Aptera just released this report, “Sol took a sun-soaked jaunt down Coast Highway 101 from Cardiff to La Jolla last week, offering a rare sighting for Aptera fans to catch a glimpse of the second completed Alpha in our growing fleet of Solar Electric Vehicles (sEVs). Piloted by talented young driver Natalie Fenaroli, we set out to experience the beautiful …


Top 5 Tax Breaks for Green Manufacturers

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Thanks to VonLehman Accounting, 5/7/21 https://vlcpa.com/articles/top-5-tax-breaks-for-green-manufacturers Authored by: Zach Castleman, Senior Accountant, VonLehman Accountants In recent years, lucrative tax breaks for energy-efficient investments have enticed many manufacturers to “go green.” At the end of 2020, the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) was enacted, which includes various provisions that expand and improve certain green tax breaks. Here are five examples that could …

Urban Stead Cheese

LEED Tour of Urban Stead Cheese

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From the U.S. Green Building Council https://www.usgbc.org/articles/urban-stead-cheese-achieves-leed-silver-certification-usgbc-ohio Urban Stead Cheese achieves LEED Silver certification (USGBC Ohio) Alicia Blum, Mar 17, 2021 Learn how the local business sustainably cultivates “Cheddar for the Better.” Owners Andrea and Scott Robbins of Urban Stead Cheese in their Cincinnati, Ohio shop. Urban Stead Cheese recently achieved LEED Silver certification as the shop also celebrated three years …


Ohio EPA awards $3.25 million for the installation of Level 2 EV chargers

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Sharing another piece of exciting news this week: the Ohio EPA recently awarded $3.25 million in grants for the installation of over 500 public Level 2 EV chargers across 22 Ohio counties! These new chargers will be installed in over 170 locations, expanding Ohioans’ access to EV charging. The City of Cincinnati was among the grantees, winning $22,500 to install …