38 Things I Learned at Greenbuild 2016 about Green Building Marketing

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Had a great time at Greenbuild 2016 in LA the week before last. I’ll share the highlights with you from an Eco Charrette I gave last week. Creating the Charrette was al lot easier because most of what I included from from the Greenbuild Green Building Marketing presentations. Enjoy. Green Building options for the project we are working on. The …

Community of Tiny Homes or a Trailer Park?

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(What’s different between a tiny home subdivision and a trailer park? It can be a great deal. We’ve shared these communications of the Dayton Tiny Housers so those that are interested in a community of highly efficient smaller homes can come together and benefit from a neighborhood that understands why the homes face the sun, everybody recycles and shares in …

Tour: Greening a Frank Lloyd Wright home

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Thanks to Carrie for her June 3, 2015 article on Cincinnati.com.  Carrie Blackmore Smith, [email protected] 1:25 p.m. EDT June 3, 2015 Buy Photo (Photo: The Enquirer/Carrie Blackmore Smith) Twelve years ago, Chuck Lohre was determined to make the Boulter House, a home built by Frank Lloyd Wright, his own. Lohre had discovered the Usonian style house in Clifton was going to be auctioned off a …

Frank Lloyd Wright Boulter House – Hanover College Presentation Update

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Frank Lloyd Wright unknowingly tapped into sustainable principals a century before ecology could even define what sustainability meant. Frank Lloyd Wright was born in 1867 and his vision of architecture was shaped by his rural Wisconsin upbringing and his ego. Louis Sullivan taught him to think for himself and abandon recreations of European styles. His response was to create a …


Riverside Residence – USGBC LEED Home Tour

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WHAT: LEED Platinum Residence WHERE: 2435 Riverside Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45202 WHEN: Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020; 10 to Noon Learn more about LEED, Leadership in Energy Save the planet in style in this Luxury LEED Platinum Aprox 4400 sq.ft.home w/unobstructed stunning views from any of the 4 levels via the walk-out balconies. Elevator access to all levels. Gorgeous white oak …

Careful Planning Is Required For a LEED Platinum Home – The Same As An Incredible Work Of Art

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Typically a LEED Platinum Home needs a rainwater catchment system and solar panels to achieve the required number of points. Two things you can’t add on at the end without huge cost overruns. Besides doing everything right the first time with regard to the U.S. Green building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification, the Skurow’s also put on …

Wall Street Journal Recycling article

Recycling Rethink: What to Do With Trash Now That China Won’t Take It

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“No waste” is the new cool thing to do. A friend of ours reveled in the fact that she had just moved without recycling any of her cardboard boxes! Our Instagram feed is focused on the “Life Without Plastic” and “Package Free” solutions to a zero-waste life. This article today in the journal points up the bad facts about what …

Consumer Reports Soalr Panels

How to Get a Solar Tax Credit in 2020 – Article review from Consumer Reports

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The IRS is still offering incentives for switching to solar. Here’s how much you could save on your taxes and electricity bill. By Tobie Stanger Solar panels on a red-tile roof Read the entire article here: https://www.consumerreports.org/solar-panels/how-to-get-a-solar-tax-credit Solar-panel companies are aggressively marketing their products this season. In my own neighborhood in a New York City suburb, door-to-door salespeople have been …

Kendela Building

Cradle-To-Cradle and Living Building Challenge Define the Building of the Future

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We had two great presentations last week on buildings that are so focused on no-carbon that they are made of wood and recycle water. The most sustainable building in the southwest, Kendeda. From a Greenbuild 2019 presentation. “Are something that people was very skeptical that could be done in the Southeast. And we’re pretty sure we’re going to hit the …

Solar Window - Electricity generated from a clear exterior window.

Solar Windows and How They Can Make Buildings Net Zero – Greenbuild 2019

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At Greenbuild 2019 last week we learned about many new products that will help buildings to be completely independent of the energy grid. Most solutions included solar panels and battery systems. Of course you have to start with a very well designed building with particular attention to the details of insulation and air tight sealing. The following are interviews of …