Cincinnati Permaculture Institute

Final Registration Call for Winter Permaculture Design Certification

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This just in from This Land Inc. Learn Permaculture in Hybrid Format for the Pandemic and be ready for 2021 Growing Season This transformative course continues to train leaders who are pioneering a Regenerative Future Why take the Course Now? You’ll be ready to design and start planting your Permaculture Site by the first frost free days of the season …


EV Cincy’s Charging 101 Fact Sheet

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I’m excited to share this week’s EV resource: FB-Twitter-LinkedIn – Charging 101 So much information but laid out in a clear and easy way. If you are considering becoming an EV owner, you’ll want to download a copy for yourself. As always, take a look at it and let me know if you have any questions. One of the most …


Busting EV Myths

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Hello from your local EV Cincy Ambassador! This week I’m sharing a simple document from EV Cincy that presents and dispels 5 common “myths” regarding electric vehicles. Have you come across these or other EV myths? Or, are there other EV-related topics you’d like more information about? My role as an EV Ambassador is to work with EV Cincy to …


Traditional American High End Homes Can Be LEED Platinum Without Compromise

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This 8,900 square foot, seven bedroom home is 80 percent more energy efficient than a typical Cincinnati code built home. The style of this residence may be traditional, but the approach to the design and construction was anything but conventional. In addition to fitting in with the historic nature of the neighborhood and meeting the owners’ functional requirements, budget, and …

Greta Thunberg

Open Letter And Demands To World Leaders

ChuckLohre Greta Thunberg #FaceTheClimateEmergency You must stop pretending that we can solve the climate- and ecological crisis without treating it as a crisis Here are our demands of this open letter: These are some first steps, essential to our chance of avoiding a climate- and ecological disaster​. Effective immediately, halt all investments in fossil fuel exploration and extraction, immediately end all fossil …


Keeping a finger on the Pulse of EV Cincy

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Hello from your local EV Cincy Ambassador! Background (from the Electrification Coalition’s website): A number of reports highlight the data collected from consumer surveys that there is a strong and growing interest in EVs across the country. In July 2019, the Union of Concerned Scientists and Consumer Reports conducted a national survey on the car buying intentions of U.S. adults …


Modeling Lifetime Carbon: Operations + Embodied + Transportation – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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Editorial, “This presentation gave us some insight into how to describe and quantify embodied carbon, especially for transportation. It’s frighting what is predicted to happen by 2050. Location, location, location is so important but the doubling of population by 2050 compounds the problem. None of the 2020 Greenbuild presentations addressed the population boom. This unspoken reality seems to ignore population …


Navigating the Zero Energy and Carbon Landscape – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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Editorial, “With all this talk about zero-carbon and its comprehensive effect on everything about building conception, construction, operation, maintenance and deconstruction; we wondered about what this is going to look like when we apply the same science to housewares, consumables, food, transportation and clothing. Inexpensive appliances from China will be frowned upon. Understanding the amount of micro plastics in paper …


Cutting Carbon: Strategies for a Zero Carbon Future – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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Editorial, “This presentation confirms our three step strategy to understand our project’s needs and timeline. We’re volunteering to help the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in downtown Cincinnati to achieve LEED Certification. First we implemented the U.S. Green Building Council’s ARC building carbon footprint measuring system. Second we are assembling the complete energy history of the building from its construction in …


It’s Electric! The Next Wave of Building Decarbonization – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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Editorial, “We didn’t know that fossil gas releases so much methane into the atmosphere during drilling, during extraction, during transmission, and during burning to offset any benefits over coal. Heat pumps and induction cooktops are much more efficient and use electricity. 100 percent electric buildings are here and we won’t have to pay for replacing the aging fossil gas distribution …