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Trends That Will Define Home Design in 2020s

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Sustainable features and benefits will gain more popularity in the 2020s as more realistic and meaningful design guidelines. Timeless conservation that teaches new generations recycling values and caring for fellow species.

Consumer Reports Soalr Panels

Solar Panels. Especially if your electricity comes from coal.

Induction cook tops.

Adding insulation which also improves air sealing

Energy recovery ventilators

house beautiful 5

Reused furniture and kitchen cabinets

Vernacular techniques you would have found in your great, great granmother’s home.

Chamber pots

Zero waste

Farmer’s market unpackaged and labeled foods

No new clothes.

No single use plastic

No car

Very little animal protein

Walkable neighborhood

Bicycle friendly roads

Pollinator gardens

Vegetable gardens


Moving back to the urban core

Rain barrels

Tiny home communities

Solar cookers

Indoor air quality monitors

7. Nest Thermostat – Does everything they say and you are in complete control! You can’t save what you don’t measure and this makes it fun

Smart thermostats

Energy recording monitors

Low flow water fixtures

Electric cars

Aquacell Water Treatment

Water treatment to tertiary standards

Cincinnati LEED Platinum office - Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves

9. Waste sawdust pellet grill – You wouldn’t believe it but sawdust is considered a renewable energy resource by the U.S. Green Building Council, we have a pellet stove in our LEED Platinum office. And you get the hardwood smell for free. Check out Trager Grills

Pellet grills



Composting Toilets