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Trends That Will Define Home Design in 2020s

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Kick off the decade in style with the latest technology and other elements you may be seeing a lot more of soon Inspired by this post in Houzz Houzz” Sustainable features and benefits will gain more popularity in the 2020s as more realistic and meaningful design guidelines. Timeless conservation that teaches new generations recycling values and caring for fellow species. …

The Urban Farmer

ChuckLohreUrban Farmer

Successful Farmers Think – The Importance of Information, Mentors, and Adaptation – The Urban Farmer – Week 23
The Importance of Being Nimble and Agile in Farming

It’s important to keep your business nimble and agile. It allows you to adapt to the market and change quickly.
If you only learn the way that things are supposed to go, but you don’t understand the why or the thought process, then you won’t be able to think for yourself.
“Nothing in life is cookie cutter. Everyone has their own set of circumstances. By understanding the thought process it can help you shape your thought process going forward.”
Have mentors is a fast way to cut the learning curve and get ahead.
Source out high grade information to help fast track your journey.
You have to be prepared to spend money to start and run a business.
A fresh 3rd party set of eyes can add a lot of perspective.
Taking the time to look back at the previous week and plan the next week can greatly improve productivity.
Don’t get too focused on what’s close. Take some time to step back and look at how things are going.
Don’t forget about why you did this in the first place.
The Urban Farmer