Community of Tiny Homes or a Trailer Park?

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(What’s different between a tiny home subdivision and a trailer park? It can be a great deal. We’ve shared these communications of the Dayton Tiny Housers so those that are interested in a community of highly efficient smaller homes can come together and benefit from a neighborhood that understands why the homes face the sun, everybody recycles and shares in a community garden. Not the typical appearance of your local trailer park. Hopefully a group will form in Cincinnati. Read more about “Bradley Cooper’s “Start Small” Tiny Home Project in OTR.” in a collection of events and articles we published in an earlier post. In the 1950s a group of individuals that wanted a different environment to raise their families started Pleasantville near Tarrytown, NY. Several of the homes were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and all of them used Usonian design principals. We have learned a great deal since then and the time has come for a community reflecting the principals of the U.S. Green Building Council’s measurable environmental benefits.
A community of sustainable tiny homes can be excellent examples of proper siting, alternative transportation, urban gardening and conscious community.)

From Gary Wags‘ email dated July 26, 2016

I’m passing this information out to all those in the Dayton Tiny House Meetup group – in time for our bi-weekly session on Thursday evening. If you missed the Quickie last Saturday, you missed a lot of potential – tiny living is closer to reality than you might think! This is one clean, quiet and well maintained “park” (more park than trailer) close to Dayton. If we can set a precedent in New Lebanon, it will be even easier to expand this concept to other Montgomery County communities including Dayton. There will be more information on Thursday, so if you are unsure of a trailer park, please come to the Wyoming Branch Library and get your questions answered directly from the source, the new owners. Here is their take on the project and some of their plans. Here’s Will:


Hi Dayton Tiny Home Community!

My name is Will Noel. My wife, Brynn, and I run the New Lebanon Mobile Home Park (361 W Main St, New Lebanon, OH 45345) and are excited at the possibility of creating a hybrid mobile home park and tiny home community. The park has some really nice people and last weekend four members of your community came out to tour the grounds. New Lebanon is a cute, small agricultural town fifteen minutes from downtown Dayton.

Many of you may be thinking – did you just say mobile home park? What does that have to do with the Tiny Home movement?

We love running mobile home parks because they bring affordable housing to the community. Part of the Tiny Home movement is to find an affordable living space so you can spend your time and money on your hobbies and interest. At New Lebanon, we have 30 paying tenants and they own the mobile homes they live in. They pay us less than $300 a month to live there – in return they have a patch of grass, parking and a sizeable lot.

Our mobile home community currently has 10 empty trailers and 10 vacant lots. We think it is an exciting place to harness the Tiny Home spirit! We could imagine a few tiny homes in our vacant lots. With some creativity, we could also imagine a visionary taking hold of some of our empty trailers and retrofitting them with awesome aesthetic. We have a sizeable lawn which would be perfect for a community garden!

I am currently working with the Village of New Lebanon (who seem very pro tiny house) and the county of Montgomery to make sure that tiny homes are welcome at our park. We will have more information on Thursday and look forward to speaking with the community more. Please do not hesitate to reach out! You can email me directly at [email protected].

See you Thursday!

Will & Brynn


Ditto what they say – see you at the Wyoming Branch Library! Gary

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