The Home Energy Saver™ (HES) empowers homeowner

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The Home Energy Saver™ (HES) empowers homeowners and renters to save money, live better, and help the earth by reducing energy use in their homes. HES recommends energy-saving upgrades that are appropriate to the home and make sense for the home’s climate and local energy prices. The money invested in these upgrades commonly earns “interest” in the form of energy bill savings, at an annual rate of 20% or more (see examples). HES also estimates the home’s carbon footprint and shows how much it can be reduced. For professional users, we also offer HESpro and teachers and students can check out Energized Learning.

The upgrades recommended by HES offer other benefits as well. Depending on the type of improvement made, the home can achieve better comfort (warmer in winter, cooler in summer), fewer drafts, lower maintenance costs, and improved security and fire safety—all of which improve life and increase the home’s value.

HES computes a home’s energy use on-line in a matter of seconds based on models and data developed at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. All end uses (heating, cooling, water heating, major appliances, small appliances, and lighting) are included. HES generates a list of energy-saving upgrade recommendations for the user’s consideration. HES is not a “black box”—we extensively document all methodologies and assumptions.

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