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Moerlein Lager House

Cincinnati Green Building Signage Project presents the Moerlein Lager House

Cincinnati Park Board’s first Green project, 115 Joe Nuxhall Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202

The Moerlein Lager House has a 69-year lease from the Park Board and owns the building. This is the Park Board’s 15th solar panel project.

The Green Learning Station of the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati will showcase a proposed Green Building signage project in a display at Park+Vine Nov. 30 – Jan. 24, 2013. An opening reception will be held Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 – 6 to 8 p.m. at Park+Vine, 1202 Main Street,  Cincinnati, OH 45202.

The Moerlein Lager House building is one of the buildings that are part of the Cincinnati Green Building Signage Project. The following are some of the sustainable features of the building.

Site – The two-story, 15,000-sq.-ft.- structure is part of the 45-acre Smale Riverfront Park. The bandstand has solar panels on the roof.

Water Savings – Ice makers, dishwashers and rinse-off fixtures are 15-percent more efficient than typical commercial kitchens to achieve LEED Certification.

Energy Efficiency – Because of its proximity to the Ohio River, the building incorporated a pump-and-dump geothermal system. Water is continually pumped from a well and after being used to heat or cool the building, returned to the river.

Materials – The regional fieldstone and laminated beams used in the project were mined or manufactured within 500 miles, reducing fossil fuel needed for long-distance transportation.

Air Quality – Green cleaning methods make the indoor air healthier through use of biodegradable cleaners and polishes that don’t contain harmful levels of solvents.

Learn more about Green roofs at the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati’s Green Learning Station, 2715 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45206, 513-221-0981

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