Alliance for Leadership and Interconnection – 2012 Report – Programs and Initiatives

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Dear Friends of ALI,

You share our passion for building a sustainable, healthy environment and for nurturing our youth to become caring, knowledgeable stewards of this shared environment. So you will be pleased to hear that ALI’s efforts this year have been commended and recognized as successful initiatives for positive change! In fact, ALI and our public schools are leading the way in environmental change and your support has been instrumental in this important catalyst role. Thank you for your support!

We are now planning for next year and ask you to consider supporting us once again in this year’s Annual Fall Campaign. Our goal of $10,000 in contributions will support the continuation of these great programs as well as some new ones. So please consider donating today.

We are happy to report that we have received some donations and pledges already. If you are one of those generous people please accept our heartfelt thanks. If you’re considering a pledge or donation thank you for taking the time to make this important decision.

Your support can be sent via Paypal on the ALI website through a check sent to ALI, PO Box 23272, Cincinnati Ohio 45219.

2012 Report – Programs and Initiatives

Youth Eco-Mentoring Programs                                                                          

Elementary Level: Energy Efficient Buildings, Conservation and Farming.

Our Eco-Mentoring program at Dater Montessori Elementary School provided hands-on education and training of student eco-leaders who presented newly acquired education and guided tours to the community and local media. Topics covered included rain water catchment, recycled urban timber furniture and Dater’s vegetable garden. View the televised presentation on Channel 9 news: 

Secondary Level: Alternative Energy – Fuel Cell Technology.

Hughes STEM High School 7th graders were trained in fuel cell technology as they built and engineered toy cars fueled by hydrogen. This eco-mentoring program was so effective that four of the students became eco-mentors for incoming seventh graders. “ALI brings the science to life, helping the kids to understand environmentmtal issues, green techonolgies and the necessary steps needed to get careers in those fields.” Kathy wright, Hughes STEM High School Academic Director

Plans are underway to extend ALI’s Eco-Mentoring Programs to include Woodford Paideia Academy and Oyler School.

Safe Routes to Schools

ALI joined Cincinnati Public Schools’ Safe Routes to Schools Steering Committee, assisting with the development of Ohio’s first comprehensive district-wide school travel plan. As a result, Cincinnati Public Schools will receive $1 million dollars for infrastructure (new sidewalks, traffic signals and crosswalks) and $200,000 for non-infrastructure programs from the Ohio Department of Transportation to make the commute safer and the city more pedestrian-friendly. ALI received funding to implement Safe Routes to Schools programming in Cincinnati Public Schools and to co-chair the “Safe Routes to Freedom, Safe Routes to Schools” event at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, attended by 300+ students, teachers and community leaders!

Looking ahead to 2013

ALI is leading the Sustainable Schools Task Force Initiative with Green Umbrella to help school districts reduce their carbon footprint and to create healthier environments. Green Umbrella is a non-profit organization with a membership of 160+ organizations working to improve the economic vitality and quality of life in the region around Cincinnati by maximizing the collective impact of individuals and organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability. Green Umbrella and our strategic partners are drafting plans to roll out this initiative early next year!

As you can tell there’s more to be done and you can help achieve it. Our board and staff welcome your help and involvement as an Eco-Mentor, working on a board committee, or as an ALI volunteer.

Best Wishes for a Green ’13,

Valda Freeman-Karmo, ALI Board Chair
Ginny Frazier, Exec Director

PS When environmental writer Wendell Berry asks: “Can we change the ways we live and work so as to establish a preserving harmony between the made and given worlds?” the Alliance for Leadership & Interconnection (ALI) asserts enthusiastically, yes! Add your support today!






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