How to build a Swamp Cooler for Burning Man

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A swamp cooler is an evaporative cooler that cools the air by blowing it through a moist filter material.

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You’ll need a plastic trash can that you cut 3 inch holes all around. In the lid you’ll cut a hole for a 10 inch car radiator fan. You line the trash can with evaporative cooler plastic filter. Drill several small holes in the bottom of the trash can.

The trash can sits in a beer keg tub full of water. Get a 12 volt boat bilge pump and connect the outlet to a hose that rings the top of the filter media. As the bilge pump brings water up to the top of the trash can, the water trickles out of the ring of plastic you attach around the top. As the water flows though the filter, the fan sucks air into the trash can and as the water evaporates, it cools and humidifies the air. I used a ten inch air-conditioning duct to pump the cool air into the top vent of my camper.

The whole rig ran all day long and kept the camper very nice for afternoon naps or just a great place to get away from the dust. We turned it off at night. One 100 watt solar panel and a deep cycle 60 amp hour battery worked perfectly.

I’ll get more of the specs and info for your build soon.

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