Cincinnati LEED Platinum office - Washington Park

Ten of the World’s Greenest Offices

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 – 6:18pm, Green Biz Jonathan Bardelline Few offices take the grand steps to join the greenest of the green, whether anointed by LEED Platinum or the Living Building Challenge. These 10 soared beyond the low-hanging fruit to make major strides in efficiency, material use, recycling and more. 1. Skanska’s VКla GМrd office Some structures on on this list were …

These buildings come in many shapes and sizes – but all green

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Published Jan 3, 2014 CINCINNATI BUSINESS COURIER By Nikki Kingery, Projects Editor- Cincinnati Business Courier   Our greenest buildings list includes several large projects for major institutions, such as the Longworth Wing of the Cincinnati Art Museum. But LEED certification doesn’t have to mean big bucks. In fact, the cost of the No. 1 project – Lohre and Associates’ office …