LEED: The path to a regenerative future – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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Carbon, Carbon, Carbon is the theme for Greenbuild 2020. You can now purchase Renewable Energy Credits to offset your carbon footprint. The push for Zero-Carbon in everything from materials to demolition will make it much easier for projects to be certified and really push the marketplace to take a new look at where carbon is coming from and how to eliminate it.


Creating a Living Laboratory: The School as a Teaching Tool – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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We’re particularly interested in the Green Building as a teaching tool since the Contemporary Arts Center is planning a new children’s education remodel on the sixth floor. We love to visit children’s science museums around the world and see how to enlighten kids’ curiosity. For the local Earth Day event, we’d love to have some fool proof electrical experiment modules …


Tarkett Presents: Aligning Stakeholders Around Circularity Ownership – Greenbuild 2020 Session Review

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The purpose of this session is to have three industry representatives (manufacturer, contractor, design, city) talk about how we can get to a future circular economy. What is commonly seen as a manufacturer responsibility will actually take ‘all hands on deck’ to achieve a future state where all materials during demolition are seen as a ‘materials bank’, and proper channels …


From ARC to GRESB: Harnessing ESG Data – Greenbuild 2020

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From ARC to GRESB: The power of performance measurement at both asset and portfolio levels within the USGBC programs. Many organizations struggle with managing sustainability data and using the data to identify meaningful insights and drive performance. We will be exploring how to utilize the ARC and GRESB programs, each with varying levels of granularity and differing types of data …

38 Things I Learned at Greenbuild 2016 about Green Building Marketing


Had a great time at Greenbuild 2016 in LA the week before last. I’ll share the highlights with you from an Eco Charrette I gave last week. Creating the Charrette was al lot easier because most of what I included from from the Greenbuild Green Building Marketing presentations. Enjoy. Green Building options for the project we are working on. The …

Solar Window - Electricity generated from a clear exterior window.

Solar Windows and How They Can Make Buildings Net Zero – Greenbuild 2019


At Greenbuild 2019 last week we learned about many new products that will help buildings to be completely independent of the energy grid. Most solutions included solar panels and battery systems. Of course you have to start with a very well designed building with particular attention to the details of insulation and air tight sealing. The following are interviews of …


Air Quality Sensors to Meet ARC Requirements – Greenbuild 2019

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ARC is the U.S. Greenbuilding Council’s carbon footprint monitoring online program. For about $360 dollars a year any building can subscribe and start tracking their carbon footprint. Once a year’s worth of data is recorded the project can consider getting Certified a LEED building with the Operations and Maintenance requirements. If the building is achieving 40 points for LEED Silver …

ARC Can Help Any Building Take First Steps to be Carbon Zero

ARC Can Help Any Building Take First Steps to be Carbon Zero, Greenbuild 2019

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An interview with the folks at the ARC booth at Greenbuild 2019. Gautami: Hi everyone. My name is Gautami. I’m an architect and currently with Arc Skoru. We’re a technology company that gives you a score based on your environmental performance. Rajiv: Hi, my name is Rajiv. I’m Director of Technology for Arc. And Arc is really a great platform …

President Obama at Greenbuild 2019

President Obama Offers Hope at Greenbuild 2019


President Obama was the Keynote speaker on the first day of Greenbuild, the sustainable building and environmental education expo and conference from the U.S. Green Building Council, in Atlanta thru Friday. Here are some video snippets and the transcriptions. Unintended Consequences – President Obama’s Reflections at Greenbuild 2019 President Obama remembers his childhood and how it shaped his Sustainable Journey, …