Aptera Sol

Shining Sol – The latest Aptera model


Aptera Sol
Aptera just released this report, “Sol took a sun-soaked jaunt down Coast Highway 101 from Cardiff to La Jolla last week, offering a rare sighting for Aptera fans to catch a glimpse of the second completed Alpha in our growing fleet of Solar Electric Vehicles (sEVs). Piloted by talented young driver Natalie Fenaroli, we set out to experience the beautiful coastal landscape that is the inspiration behind Sol and a reminder of why it’s important to preserve our natural resources for future generations. While we couldn’t see it all, we did capture some breathtaking footage and positive comments from people across San Diego. Keep on the lookout for our video soon!”


Check out the photos and if you would like to order one use this link https://tinyurl.com/vsy7r2c4 You’ll get $30 off your preorder.
The 2nd Generation Aptera launched Dec. 4, 2020 and is on track to be the first self charging electric vehicle. The two-person, three-wheeler is covered with solar panels which allow self-charging but it also comes with a plug for charging. For every person I refer, I’ll earn a $1,000 credit towards an Aptera. After referring 26 people, I’ll score a free standard edition model. I’m a volunteer Aptera Ambassador for this incredible solution to beautiful design and the ultimate in sustainability!
Let me know and I’ll send you a 43:1 scale 3D printed model Aptera.
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