Meldahl Dam low impact hydro electric plant

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June 29 – Meldahl Dam low impact hydro electric plant Ground Breaking, 10:30 a.m., near Willow Grove, KY, 9505 Mary Ingles Hwy. (KY Rt. 8), Foster, KY 41043. The plant will supply energy to Hamilton, OH. Senator Voinovich was instrumental in the project. For more information contact Jolen Thompson, American Municipal Power at 614-540-1111.

YouTube videos of ceremony available at Green Cincinnati’s YouTube site.

From AMP June 2010 Report:

• Run-of-the-river project on the Captain Anthony Meldahl Locks and Dam, located on the Ohio River, near Maysville, Kentucky approximately two hours from Cincinnati.
• Project will be constructed on the Kentucky side of the river.
• Army Corps of Engineer 404 and 408 permits issued April 2010.
• Estimated capacity of the project: 105 MW.
• Estimated capital costs to develop: $472.9 million.
• Estimated construction jobs: 200-400 peak, 4 year construction.
• Estimated permanent jobs: 7-9.
• Preliminary excavation and coffer dam construction will begin May 2010 by Angelo Iafrate Construction Company of Warren, Michigan.
• Formal ground breaking scheduled June 29, 2010.
• Anticipated commercial operation: Spring 2014.

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We’ll have a party on opening day!

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