Build Green-Save Green

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An Introduction to Financial Incentives for Green Building and Remodeling

Thursday, July 29, 2009

6:00 to 8:00 PM

Greener Stock

3528 Columbia Parkway

Cincinnati, OH 45226

Space is limited: RSVP to [email protected] or 513-321-0567

On Thursday, July 29, GREENER STOCK will be hosting Build Green-Save Green: An Introduction to Financial Incentives for Green Building and Remodeling.

Since opening in January 2010, Heather Curless, owner of GREENER STOCK, has encountered many home and business owners that are interested in building new or remodeling existing buildings in a more sustainable way.  These customers understand that by making these types of alterations, they will instantly save money in utility and maintenance costs.  However, they are not aware of financial incentives that help make these upgrades even more financially beneficial.  “Many of the incentives can even be bundled so that there may be almost no out-of-pocket costs for the building owner,” says Curless of GREENER STOCK.

This information will be valuable for anyone related to the building industry including home and business owners, contractors, builders, and real estate agents.

The presenters are experts in their fields and are able to provide success stories for implementing the different incentives that are available.


6:00                        “Low-interest Loans and Grants”

Presented by Jeremy Begley, Owner of Cincinnati Energy Solutions

Cincinnati Energy Solutions is a Building Performance Contracting company, specializing in low rise residential and small commercial buildings. CES offers residential home performance contracting (HPC) solutions that increase in-home comfort, health, and safety and significantly reduce energy usage and utility bills.  The result of CES’s solutions is an optimal in-home environment that typically reduces energy by 25% to 60% or more!

6:30                        “Energy Efficient and Energy Improvement Mortgages”
Presented by Chris Dwyer, Owner of Emotiv Energy

Emotiv quantifies its success scientifically– in its customers’
reduced energy bills, increased comfort, reduced dependence
on fossil fuels, better home resale value, and in improved
indoor air quality.

7:00                        “The City of Cincinnati’s LEED Property Tax Abatement”
Presented by Eric Denson, City of Cincinnati

7:20                        “Renewable Energy Financing”
Presented by Perry Leitner, Owner of Leitner Electric/Blue Chip Solar and Wind/Dayleit Technologies

Blue Chip Solar and Wind, a Division of Leitner Electric Co., designs, sells, monitors and maintains photovoltaic systems, small wind turbines, and large wind turbines.  They offer services to residences, businesses, large institutions and cities.

7:40                        “Money Saving Building Products”
Presented by Heather Curless, Architect and Owner of Greener Stock
Greener Stock is a one-of-a-kind showroom in Cincinnati specializing in non-toxic and eco-friendly building products for the home and business.  Many of their products cannot be found anywhere else locally.  They also offer a range of services including architectural design, LEED/green consultation, salvaged materials sourcing, and more.

June 30, 2010

Heather Curless, Owner, Architect, LEED AP
Greener Stock
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