Looking for partners in a LEED Platinum Office project

ChuckLohreLEED Platinum Home/Office Project

You’ll learn more about the LEED Process by creating an actual LEED project than any amount of studying.

Lohre & Associates, Inc., dba Green Cincinnati Education and Advocacy, has Registered a LEED CI 2.0 Project as their office and is in the process of design and collection of materials. Green Cincinnati would like to offer space in the new makeover to other firms interested in working on and in a LEED project. Partners would benefit from the publicity opportunities and educational activities LEED Projects generate as well as achieve their LEED project experience. GC would consider in relocating the project rather than proceeding with the lease in the East Walnut Hills location. In other words, your place or mine, our office is going to be a LEED Platinum project.sp42

Green Cincinnati Education and Advocacy – Owner’s (your name here too) Project Requirements:

This document details the functional requirements of this project and the expectations of the building’s use and operation as it relates to the systems to be commissioned.

1. Owner and user Requirements:
Classroom for 15 students
Office space for 8 employees
Educational space for LEED design
Components need to be removable for future relocation
All materials will be chosen for maximum LEED MR Credits

2. Environmental and Sustainability Goals:
LEED CI Platinum

3. Energy Efficiency Goals:
Reduces lighting loads to .9 watts per sq ft
Install daylight shutoffs on lights near windows
LED task lighting for all work stations

4. Indoor Environmental Quality Requirements:
Meeting, darkroom and/or classroom will be able to be darkened for photography or projection.

5. Equipment and Systems Expectations:
Plug loads should be Energy Star

6. Building Occupant and O&M Personnel Requirements:
The facility will be operated by the employees of partner companies. Training in recycling and lighting systems will be required.

Green Cincinnati Education and Advocacy – Basis of Designsp49

1. Primary Design Assumptions:
Space use will be for office and classroom.
Climatic design conditions
Space zoning
Occupancy: 8 employees and 10 students
Space environmental requirements

2. Standards, codes, guidelines, regulations and other references:
ASHRAE 90.1-2004

3. Narrative Descriptions:
Performance criteria for HVAC&R systems: None
Lighting systems
Hot water systems: None
On-site power systems: None
Other systems to be commissioned

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