GCEA LEED office Owner’s Project Requirements and Basis of Design

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Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) – Lohre & Assoc. offices

This document details the functional requirements of this project and the expectations of the building’s use and operation as it relates to the systems to be commissioned.

1. Owner and user Requirements:
– Primary Purpose, program, and use of the proposed project: Office space for 4 employees and large room for class, meetings and photography
– Pertinent project history: New, renovated residential to office conversion
– Overarching goals – Educational space for LEED design
– Future expansion – Enclose porch
– Minimal construction required, low operational cost

2. Environmental and Sustainability Goals:
LEED ID & C v3 2009 Platinum – 80 points

3. Energy Efficiency Goals:
– Reduce lighting loads to .65 watts per sq ft by replacement with CF or LED
– Install occupancy shutoffs at four switches and daylight switch on one.
– A Measurement and Verification meter for the electricity for the suite will be installed if possible.

4. Indoor Environmental Quality Requirements:
-Meeting and/or photography studio will be able to be darkened for photography or projection.
– 4 person office area will have individual controls for lighting and temperature. Individual controls for ventilation will be via operable windows.
– One offices will be private
– Complete project will have after hours use

5. Equipment and Systems Expectations:
-Lighting will shut off when daylight reaches 25 fc at 90% of occupied area as measured on a 10’ x 10’ grid
– The HVAC unit has a adjustable thermostat
– All plug loads will be Energy Star if rated

6. Building Occupant and O&M Personnel Requirements:
The facility will be operated by the employees of Lohre & Associates. Training in recycling and lighting systems will be required.

7. Thermal Comfort Design
Quarter, Max. Temp., Min. Temp., RH
Spring, 79, 68.5, 60
Summer, 79, 73, 60
Fall, 79, 68.5, 60
Winter, 74.5, 68.5, 50
Activity level will be low and occupant clothing assumption is general office.

Lohre & Assoc. Basis of Design for the systems to be commissioned

1. Primary Design Assumptions:
Space use – will be for office and classroom.
Redundancy – operable windows
Diversity –
Climatic design conditions –
Space zoning – Office and classroom
Occupancy: 4 employees and 15 students
Space environmental requirements – 65 to 75 F, 40 to 60 RH

2. Standards, codes, guidelines, regulations and other references:
City of Cincinnati Building Code
LEED v3 2009 ID & C
ASHRAE 90.1-2007

3. Narrative Descriptions:
– HVAC&R systems will achieve 5 of 10 possible LEED ID & C 2009 points for efficiency and appropriate zoning and control for private offices and separately zoned interior spaces
– Lighting systems will achieve 5 of 5 LEED ID & C 2009 for lighting power
– Lighting systems will achieve 3 of 3 LEED ID & C 2009 for lighting control: daylight responsive controls within 15’ of windows in all regularly occupied spaces, daylight controls for 50% of lighting load, and occupancy sensors for 75% of connected lighting load.
– Hot water or power systems in tenant space to be turned off
– Equipment and appliance systems will achieve 4 LEED ID & C 2009 for lighting control, 90% Energy Star if rated
– Commission max 1.1/1.6 dual flush toilet, .8 gpm at 60 psi flow fixtures for 20% water reduction for WE p1

Phase of Project – Project Team Leaders




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