Duffy Zero Energy Home – It pays you to live there!

ChuckLohreDuffy Zero Energy Home

Goal: Build a NET-ZERO ENERGY house to generate more electricity than used. Caroline Duffy of Duffy Contracting.

As a prototype for green building of residential houses, a net-zero energy house will be built utilizing insulated concrete forms and energy efficient windows and doors to form the tight skin of the house and reduce air leakage. To minimize energy usage, the house will use a geothermal HVAC connected via radiant floor heating to the thermal mass of a two-story passive solar room, a solar thermal water heater, and energy-star rated appliances. The two story passive solar room will also provide heated air to be circulated throughout the house. Photovoltaic solar panels will be used to generate electric. With the low usage of electric needed by the house, all excess electric will be loaded back to the grid. This prototype house will be used for training and to gain backing for a business to develop these houses commercially for those who want their house to PAY THEM to live there and give us our freedom from our dependence on fossil fuels.  It can be done! Vote for the Pepsi Grant.

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