GCEA LEED office SS c1 Sustainable Building

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New Year’s weekend 2011 – We used the nice weather to plant a thornless honey locust, lay the pavers and place the sedum carpet. It was 66 degrees on Friday when we planted the tree. And below freezing on Sunday morning when we wanted to cut the sedum carpet with a hedge cutter. It wouldn’t cut the frozen ground but a chainsaw worked perfectly and made quick work of cutting the 48″ x 80″ carpet into 90 5.33″ x 8″ pieces. Thanks to Lisa Yunkers of Cityroots for the tree and help with the planting and soil design. Thanks to Dan and Martha Dorff of Schickel Design for the garden design and tools. Thanks to Steve Kramer of  Wm. Kramer & Sons Roofing for the sedum carpet. Kramer did the Green roof on the Civic Garden Center garden building. And finally to Glen for helping with the heavy lifting.



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