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9:30 Arrive and set up coffee and sweets, pot and a half high powered from Coffee Emporium and a pot of decaf from Stitwell’s. King Cake, Schenken and Tea Ring from Grater’s.
9:45 Greet guests, 20 in all arrived as well as Marc Hueber from builder John Heuber Homes and Dave Horton the U.S. Green Building Council Green Rater with the LEED Provider (inspector) GreenBuilding Consulting.
10:00 Gather in great room
10:15 Introduce self, Chuck Lohre, Chair of the local Southwestern Ohio Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Living Member Circle. The goal of the committee is to help the general public learn more about and experience sustainable buildings.
– USGBC Green Living Member Circle is looking for members to help Captain the tours
– 2016 Tours are being scheduled now. So far, we will tour a sustainable home for sale in January 2016, another residence in OTR and a 990 sqf home in Norwood with an organic garden. Also a potential LEED Platinum renovation home in Maderia is on the calendar for February.
Introduce Paul Gaitan owner of the home. Paul’s home has gotten a lot of attention since he moved in last October. He purchased an entry mat and it is almost worn out! A few weeks ago the home was on an OTR Home tour and over 600 toured the home. They obviously know how to use a door mat! He’s still trying to learn the facts but Paul’s been told his home is the first freestanding single family residence built in Over-The-Rhine Cincinnati in over 60 years.
Introduce Marc Hueber with John Heuber Homes, Marc and his family have a long history of home building in the region and built the first LEED home in Ohio way back in 2007. Since then they have come to specialize in LEED renovations and new construction in OTR. John Heuber Homes constructed the second phase of Paul Gaitan’s back door neighbors, City Home Cincinnati developed by Martha Schickel who was also the Architect.
Introduce Dave Horton, Green Rater with LEED Provider GreenBuilding Consulting. Dave’s job is to inspect the foundation drainage, insulation and air sealing while the home is under construction as well as many other aspects of the documentation and reporting.
Round circle of introductions and interests included many who are building in downtown Cincinnati or plan to build homes in the near future. The crowd contained an environmental scientist, a member of the Renewable Energy Committee with Green Umbrella and the Recycling Committee. An interior design consultant with Lowes, the Director of the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, LEED Platinum Fernald Preserve’s education coordinator, and many others interested in living more sustainably.
Describe host gift to Paul, The wine basket came from ReSource Cincinnati’s fund raiser last fall. ReSource is a non-profit that helps non-profits. They accept office supplies and furnishings from corporations and then distributes them to local non-profits for a minimal handling fee. Chuck Lohre has been on their Board for several years and enjoys their efforts to keep the landfills empty as well as their educational best practices seminars for non-profits. The host gift also included a book on the history of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Boulter House, 1956, in Clifton Cincinnati. The purchase of the home by Chuck and his spouse in 2003 inspired him to learn more about how Wright’s Organic Architecture had evolved from his studies in architecture school before starting his career in marketing. Chuck believes that Mr. Wright would be a leader in sustainable architecture like LEED if he was practicing today.
Describe Swag Bag
– Tour guide for 2015, other tours will be filling up fast so email Chuck Lohre or 513-260-9025 with the tours you would like to attend.
edible Ohio Valley winter issue, edible Communities is a publishing and information services company that creates editorially rich, community-based, local-foods publications in distinct culinary regions throughout the United States and Canada.
GreenBau Passive Home brohure, Provides an all-inclusive service including testing, design, and construction. Making your home a greener place is a commitment to yourself, your family, your community and the world.
Greener Stock paint stick, Greener Stock is a one-of-a-kind Resource and Design Center in Cincinnati specializing in natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly building products for the home and business including wall finishes, flooring, countertops, and water/energy efficiency.
Park+Vine General Green Store postcard, Being a locally owned business, Park + Vine understands the importance of supporting products made right here in Cincinnati. They believe in supporting our city’s network of locally owned, independent businesses and community organizations working to keep money and character in our neighborhoods and build a thriving local economy.
Metro Cincinnati info and LED flashlight, The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) operates Metro buses and smaller Access buses for people whose disabilities prevent their use of Metro’s regular service. They will also be operating the new streetcar which passes by the Gaitan Residence.
Big Ass Fans brochure, one of the most efficient, quite and versatile home cooling and warming devices. Big Ass Fans’ Haiku® with SenseME™ is the world’s first smart ceiling fan. Designed with an onboard computer and array of sensors, this fan makes decisions to keep you comfortable – automatically. The NEST thermostat can control a Haiku Big Ass Fan as well as Philips Lightbulbs and LG Appliances.

Describe Raffle Gift Basket
Cresbie Crate and food containers, these are from a business Linda Fritz started. We will be touring her home and garden in Verona, KY in Sept.
Patagonia salmon and bamboo utensils, they are a leader in sustainability. Their founder helped save the northwestern salmon runs by tearing down dams that prevented them from reproducing.
Method Home General Home Cleaner, Method only creates products that are Certified by the Cradle-To-Cradle Institute. Their Certifications mean that the product is so non-toxic you could eat it. The fine print on the bottle says that if some of it is swallowed, drink water to dilute it.
– Collection of three Being Green In Cincinnati, this publication only came out for four years. Published by Doug and Jason Sandhage, it highlighted Green Homes and individuals in the region. “My son, Jason, and I published the magazine Being Green in Cincinnati for four consecutive years. It was, without doubt, the largest, most comprehensive consumer “green guide” published for consumers in the country.”
– One year subscription to edible Ohio Valley, they also produce the Summer Green Market festival. Edible is a publishing franchise of 80 communities.

Go over Site and Materials in great room

Go to basement and review Energy Efficiency

Go to second floor media room and go over Water Efficiency

General open house

12:00 Wrap up and leave. See you next month at the Northside Wright Residence tour

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