Enriching Spaces – WELL Building Standard Platinum Certified – Virtual Office Tour

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Enriching Spaces – WELL Building Standard Platinum Certified – Virtual Office Tour

WHAT: Enriching Spaces Interior Services virtual office tour – First in Ohio and 9th in the US to receive WELL Certification Platinum
WHERE: Virtual (Forrest Park, Ohio)
WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021; 11 am to Noon, photo links to registration page

“How a small company achieved WELL Certified™ Platinum on a tight budget!”

Dawn Schwartzman (CEO, Enriching Spaces) and Yasha Ogg (WELL AP, emersion DESIGN) will present Enriching Spaces, a WELL Certified™ v2 Platinum building. Enriching Spaces is a contract provider of furnishings, interior design, project management, and installation services. With less than 15 employees, Enriching Spaces managed to retrofit their existing 30-year-old office and showroom by maximizing the engagement of their employees, vendor partners, building service providers, and community safety department. This tour will walk the audience through the team’s successes and challenges in implementing the optimizations of ten WELLv2 evidence-based concepts promoting health, safety, and well-being in the indoor and outdoor environments.

In August 2018, Dawn Schwartzman introduced IWBI’s philosophy and certification process to her employees. “I had attended several regional WELL presentations and instinctively knew that this program was perfect for our company, our vision, our culture, building, and grounds.”  The team at Enriching Spaces registered for WELL Certification and ultimately achieved the highest level rating, Platinum. Each team member selected several features to work on.  The need for technical expertise became evident, and a search for a passionate WELL AP began.  In February 2019, the team added Yasha Ogg of emersion DESIGN, WELL AP, WELL Faculty, LEED AP, ID+C, BD+C.

WELL v2 is structured on ten evidence-based features that influence the health and well-being of the occupants, associates, and visitors in the built environment: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind, and Community.  These features link design, policy, and strategies to positive health and well-being outcomes, ultimately improving an organization’s ability to attract and retain employees.

Enriching Spaces is a contract provider of furnishings, interior design, project management, and installation services.  They partner with Herman Miller, OFS Brands, Exemplis, and Interface flooring in providing customers with sustainable human-centered solutions. These globally recognized vendor partners provided essential access to material specifications and certifications to meet WELL criteria.  The extensive materials verification process inspired Enriching Spaces to convert their existing fabrics and finishes library into a Mindful Materials Library.

At every opportunity, Enriching Spaces provides a maximum view of nature for all employees and guests. A mindful walking path around the building encourages and enables easy breaks for meditation or catching more steps in the day.  Sculpture, wind chimes, a bamboo grove, outdoor seating….all enhance the existing forest.

“In our showroom and studio, we continue every day to discover the potential of place.  WELL principles inform our designs, selections, and culture.  The images, textures, and patterns of nature evoke our curiosity and inspire a variety of spaces that nurture community, contemplation, and creative thinking.  When we return to nature, we return to ourselves,” Dawn Schwartzman.

Noticeable improvements to air quality and thermal comfort were among the most appreciated feature improvements.  Six different HVAC units were renovated for constant fresh air intake, and all filters were upgraded.  Daily measuring of air pollutants, pollen, humidity, and temperature informs decisions on open doors.  All ventilation was rebalanced, and thermostat controls, personal fans, and blankets were provided to all.  These investments soon became very COVID-19 relevant.

Schedule: 11 am until Noon. Gather in the portal, 11:05 pm MaryEllen Etienne introduces the Ohio Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council and Chuck Lohre introduces the 2021 Cincinnati Green Building Tours’ sponsors. 11:15 am, Dawn Schwartzman (CEO, Enriching Spaces) and Yasha Ogg (WELL AP, emersion DESIGN) will present. Noon Chuck Lohre will announce the raffle gift certificate winner.

NOTE: You will receive webinar access details after you register. If you have any follow-up questions, please reach out to Chuck Lohre at [email protected] or 513-260-9025.

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