Utilizing trombe walls with much success in Cincinnati

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Hi Chuck,

I’ve just moved out into an early 1900’s home in Mt Auburn and need to replace a bathroom with window. I’m curious if you have any experience with or knowledge of folks utilizing trombe walls with much success in Cincinnati’s relatively cloudy climate.

Peter, Ecohouse


Hi Peter,

The best example of a trombe wall in Cincinnati, I’ve found, is the Zumwalt Residence.

trombe wall in Cincinnati

This photo from the slideshow
shows the long narrow room on the south side of the underground home which acts like a trombe wall. The vent you see at the top of the room at the far end is run bay a fan system to take the worm air and circulate it to the cooler (55 degrees) parts of the home.

Our home, with large south facing windows and mylar lined insulated drapes acts as a trombe wall as well.
Boulter House
A trombe wall would work better if there was a heat sink, like a wall of black 55 gallon drums, to retain the heat and continue the warm air circulation after the sun set.

Or a raised water tank wall in front of the window with the north side of the tank using a new glass that turns 90% opaque when in daylight, http://www.pleotint.com. It would allow some light through and continue to warm the room after hours. I have a sample of the window at my office. It is part of the Coveted Sustainability Art Show we had last summer,http://www.pinterest.com/chucklohre/coveted-sustainability-art-show-725-126a-w-14th/.


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