World’s First Solar Barbecue Shaped Like A Sausage!

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Tis always the season to break out your SolarQue. Let us know what you’re cooking and we’ll make you a deal.
SolarQue, BBQ for everything under the sun.  Portable, Fast and Easy to Use solar BBQ.
One of a kind solar oven
Easy to use and easy to clean

Put your money on the sun

Thomas Edison said it well in 1931:

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”   We don’t want you to wait until you run out of propane or charcoal either.  With SolarQue you’ll never need to buy fuel for your BBQ again.  That means you save $1,000’s in the lifetime ownership of a SolarQue.  Plus, when you’re ready to grill you don’t have to bother with anything but your SolarQue and the food;  no need for charcoal, lighter fluid or propane.  No open flame, no safety concerns, no grilling utensils, no smokey clothes, no worries.
It’s so High-Tech you’ll Simply Love It

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We’re working hard to manufacture as many SolarQue’s as you can imagine so that the whole world has access to this super efficient, affordable and easy variety of BBQ.  There should be several new innovations available next year so be thinking about a SolarQue sprouting up in your garden this spring.

SolarQue is ready to feed you any…  
any where, any time, any foods that fit.  That’s right, you can purchase any of our SolarQue Products now and be the first to feed your tailgate party, picnic, camp, boat, or backyard gathering.  It’s not your typical grill or propane stove, it goes anywhere and only needs sunshine.  Learn more about this exciting, powerful little package by checking out How it Works or What to Cook on the website.
We are solar grilling all the time, making new recipes and modifiying the SolarQue to meet all sorts of needs.  2013 is sure to be an exciting year of catching peoples attention while the SolarQue catches rays and cooks all around the country.
Check out a little background story and video here and watch our SolarQue Reveal Video on YouTube for a better picture of this unique offering.
We are fueled by Innovation, Community, Solar Energy and Food.For a totally tubular future,
Patrick and the rest of the SolarQue team
Check it out at
Clean and Green and Stylish
Folds like a clamshell to go anywhere
Lean, Mean Grilling Machine
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