SHP Leading Design

ChuckLohreSHP Leading Design

shp84805 Montgomery Road- Ste 400, Cincinnati, OH 45212

Cool LEED Features:
– Work spaces around the outside of the floor space for daylighting and views
– Sloped ceilings to bring the daylight deep into the office
– Computer controlled shades that assist in energy efficiency documentation

From the SHP web site, “Utilizing daylight was a major focus. “The open floor plan, with no perimeter offices and low 42-inch partitions, enables anyone walking through the space to experience design creation,” she said. The building also has floor-to-ceiling windows and boasts sloped ceiling panels that pull natural light into the center of the space thus reducing the demand for lighting. In addition, linear pendant lights dim and brighten based on the amount of daylight. The company also installed an automatic blind system that works in connection with the sun’s position. For example, the blinds are down in the morning on the east side of the building, and move up with the sun.”

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