ReSource Non-Profit Help – From Mary Kay to Husky Toolboxes

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Whether you are launching a new program or just need to replace a broken chair we are here to help you get what you need for your organization. Our 23,500 sq. ft. warehouse in Sharonville, OH  is packed with great inventory thanks to this week’s donor Cardinal Solutions.

Below is a sample of items that we have on hand. Call us at 513.554.4944 if you have questions or visit the agency at 3610 Park 42 Drive, Sharonville, OH.

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. until 4:15 p.m.

March’s Building Blocks for Non-Profits is now SOLD OUT!
Lisa Hughes will be joining us to discuss Best Practices for Managing Your Time and Life.
April’s Building Blocks seminar will focus on Things First Time Managers Should Know. Find out more at Register today!


  Mary Kay Make Up Bag     

     Mary Kay Make-Up Bag

Includes nail polish, lipstick pencil, and            assorted jewelry.  550 available.

Administrative Fee:  $3 each

  Black Chairs      

     Black Chairs 

Cushioned.  Black with muted color                  pattern.  30 available.

Administrative Fee:  $15 each

  Rust colored chair            Rust-Colored Chairs

Cushioned. 15 available

Administrative Fee:  $15

  Metal shelves- putty colored 


     Metal Shelving Units

63.5″h x 30″w x 14″d.  Putty colored.

11 available.
Administrative Fee:  $25 each

  Oak Cabinet 


     Oak Cabinet 

59.5″h x 30″w x 15.5″d.  4 large shelves.        Non-locking.

2 available.

Administrative Fee:  $50 each

  Rolling metal cart    Rolling Metal Cart “Little Giant” by Brennan Equipment Co.          34″h x 48″w x 30″d.

1 available.

Administrative Fee:  $55

  Trash cans     Garbage Containers

Industrial size/strength.  Various sizes.            White, tan, or brown.  15 available.

Administrative Fee:  $2 – $6 each


  Movie screens     

     White Screens

Assorted widths by Darlite,                                Stewart, and Draper.

13 available

Administrative Fee:  $20 each


  Matching chair set         Chair Set

Set of 5 matching chairs

Administrative Fee:  $15 each


  Husky Toolbox 


     Husky Toolbox

Rolling multi-drawer w/ pull out table.                54″h x 20″w x 18″d.

1 available

Administrative Fee:  $50

Blue display case

     Glass Display Case

Blue Laminate.  50″h x 27″w x 7″d

2 available.

Administrative Fee:  $40 each


black display case

     Glass Display Case

Dark gray laminate with decorative                    corners.  50″h x 27″w x 5-10″d.

3 available.

Administrative Fee:  $40 each


Metal Table

     Metal Table

Rugged.  28″h x 60″w x 30″d

1 available

Administrative Fee:  $35


Tan/wood table

     Tan Tables

Tan w/ dark wood trim and sturdy metal            base.  31″h x 42″w x 42″d

4 available

Administrative Fee:  $45 each


Oak shelf w/ sliding door

     Oak Shelf

Light oak finish with sliding door.

37″h x 33.25″w x 17″d

Administrative Fee:  $25

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