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Are you interested in being an Authorized Distributor for the
Melink Intelli-Hood®?

Since 2011, Melink has been carefully considering and developing new Authorized Distributors for both domestic and international markets.

An Authorized Distributor has the opportunity to build a business focused on energy savings by offering Intelli-Hood® systems, on a complete turnkey basis, to customers within a defined region.  Melink provides training, marketing materials, and inquiries sent to Melink by potential customers.  In addition, Authorized Distributors will be trained and certified to survey, engineer, specify, and sell the system, and may also elect to provide additional service revenue by becoming a Certified Installer.

Please take the following questions into consideration:
-Do your values align with those of Melink Corporation and the clients we serve? (Integrity, Innovation and Service Excellence)

-What capabilities/resources can you provide in regards to a full-service distributorship? (controls and/or HVAC experience, financial resources, installation & commissioning, sales and marketing)

-What would your approach to Market be? (growth strategy, geographic reach, industry knowledge)

 If you believe your organization may be a good fit, please
contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Test and Balance

Melink recently attended the RFMA and SPECS annual trade shows.  The shows were very successful for Melink and it was great to put faces with many familiar names.  Several customers stopped by the booth to introduce themselves and to express satisfaction with their experiences with Melink.

One such customer was from a national convenience store chain that Melink recently began working with.  Melink was brought in to perform the air balance at many of their sites.  Most of the sites were located at the bottom of high-rises and apartment complexes which required the utilization of air handlers, water chilled systems, and other complex HVAC applications.

Despite these unique challenges, as well as specific performance requests, we were able to step in and quickly take ownership of the situation.  The customer stated they are extremely happy with the service that Melink has provided so far, and they are already saving money by correcting the items we have uncovered at these locations.

Such positive and unsolicited feedback from our customers is wonderful to hear, and we are proud to work with many of the top corporations across North America. The relationships that we have cultivated with our customers motivate us to work even harder to ensure that we provide the best service possible.

If your company requires a consistent, independent,  and national third party T&B firm, make sure we are specified.  Contact us for a copy of our Testing Adjusting and Balance (TAB) Specification.


On Friday April 26th, 2013 Cedarville University will dedicate its large-scale solar power system that converts sunlight into clean electricity to help meet the growing power requirements of the campus. The 2,154 kilowatt solar array was built on the southwest edge of the campus by Cincinnati-based Melink Corporation, which was also responsible for the development, engineering, construction, and operation of the system.Since the completion of the installation, power has been flowing directly into the University’s distribution system. This energy is capable of supplying an average of 10% of Cedarville University’s demand, making it the largest solar system directly connected to a university in Ohio.

“Melink is proud to serve as the developer for this very significant solar array,” said Steve Melink, the President of Melink Corporation.  “We would also like to acknowledge our partners: U.S. Bancorp, Union Bank & Trust Company, DP&L Energy, Yellow Springs Renewable Energy, TMI Electric, and the Village of Cedarville, who provided tremendous support. It is our hope that this success will inspire other schools and universities to consider clean and affordable renewable energy solutions.”

Cedarville University has been using solar technology in its academic curriculum for many years. Engineering faculty have incorporated the technology to advance missions-minded projects in Liberia and throughout the world, while the University’s engineering students have won six World Solar Splash boat competitions.

“The completion of the solar array is significant for Cedarville University, as well as the Southwest Ohio region,” said John E. Gredy, Ed.D., Provost. “This project reflects the University’s commitment to implementing new initiatives that will strengthen our Christ-centered education. I’m happy to know Cedarville University has taken the initiative to lead in renewable energy among Ohio universities.”

“The wisdom of the University’s leadership to address renewable energy is encouraging,” said Robert Fudge, Mayor of the Village of Cedarville. “This is a great day for our region!”

Melink Corporation is committed to sustainability and provides energy savings for their customers through HVAC commissioning services, demand ventilation controls for commercial kitchens, and solar power projects. The company’s headquarters is a LEED Platinum, Net Zero Energy facility designed to demonstrate that sustainability is good business. With full in-house development, design and implementation capabilities, Melink is a leading solar PV integrator of commercial projects.

Please Join Us for the Dedication and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony:

Date: April 26th, 2013

Time: 1:00pm EST

Cedarville University
Adjacent to 251 Palmer Drive
Cedarville, OH 45314

Dr. John Gredy, Provost, Cedarville University
Steve Melink, President, Melink Corporation
Robert Fudge, Village of Cedarville Mayor
Bob Hackett, Ohio House of Representatives

Melink Corporation, along with Honeywell and PG&E, participated in the GreenVent Utility Rebate Program from 2010-2012.  The GreenVent program was an overall success and provided substantial savings for PG&E customers.  Melink’s Intelli-Hood® was installed in 81 commercial kitchens, with more than $1.7 million in rebates being issued. The ongoing annual savings is estimated to be 5,426,438 kWh, 878 kW, and 157,633 Therms.

Mark Darden of Honeywell had this to say…
“The Melink Intelli-Hood® controls are a superb energy savings solution clearly enjoyed by all who had participated in the program … It was a pleasure providing this level and quality of technology to PG&E customers.”

In addition to the ongoing energy savings,  participants reported an average satisfaction rating of 9.7 out of 10, with the highest rating in quality control.

To obtain a detailed report and to learn more about this program, please send an email request to [email protected].

Do you know that you may be able to improve the energy efficiency of your facility at no upfront cost?  It’s possible because of a program called on-bill financing, an exciting new opportunity for companies to explore the addition of energy efficiency measures with minimum financial risk.

Elisa Wood is a longtime writer for, a great resource for providing information and spreading awareness of available energy solutions for homes and businesses.  Her article entitled On-Bill financing: Why isn’t everybody doing it? explains this program in detail, as well as its availability and benefits.

Melink is always searching for ways to provide our customers with the best options and information about energy efficiency improvements.  If you would like to learn more about how your company can benefit from on-bill financing, and how this approach may assist your business with reaching its energy-saving goals, please read more!

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