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Delivering Zero Carbon Buildings


s-6424935Dr. Wei Pan of the University of Hong Kong published his
research on Zero Carbon Buildings (ZCB) this year.

Pan concludes that though ZCB is gaining momentum worldwide, the model and policies for ZCB are unclear.  In order to satisfy the urgent need of mainstreaming this practice,zero carbon parameters must be integrated into project delivery systems.

Publication Outline:
Principles of ZCB:
  1. Unit of Balance
  2. Period of Balance
  3. Energy Scope
  4. Connection with Grid
Policies for ZCB

Practices of ZCB

  1. Map of net zero energy buildings around the world
  2. Technical feasibility
  3. Commercial Viability
  4. Supply Chain Competency
  5. Market Preference

Priorities of ZCB

The Way Forward

Implications for Hong Kong

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