LEED AP for Homes Exam Class

ChuckLohreLEED AP for Homes Class

The class may use an actual residential project as a class exercise. You will receive hands on experience and your work on an actual LEED project will qualify you to take the LEED for Homes AP exam. The class project is expected to last several months. Many of the residential buildings in the City of Cincinnati are being LEED Certified because they receive a 15 year tax abatement on the value of the structure. One builder estimated that the savings would be about $8,000 per year on a $450,000 home. If you would like to be a part of the Green Building trend in Cincinnati, this class is the ideal venue to learn what it takes to build to the U.S. Green Building Council standards and how to manage the paperwork required. You will learn that Green Building doesn’t have to be expensive. A great variety of homes from $150,000 to $250,000 have been LEED Certified in Cincinnati. And the savings in energy cost and other sustainable features brings a great return on the investment for the life of these finely built, well-documented and commissioned homes. We hope you will join us. Please contact us for more information and class fees Chuck Lohre [email protected]., 513-260=9025.

Due to start once six members sign up, this class will be similar to the popular LEED AP Class.
As many as 10 home tours will be part of the class. Teachers that have expressed interest in helping out are: Sanyog Rathod and Alice Emmons. Alice Emmons was the Architect of Record for the Northside LEED homes.

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