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Northern Kentucky University Griffin Hall College of Informatics

Cincinnati Green Building Signage Project presents Northern Kentucky University Griffin Hall College of Informatics
500 Nunn Drive, Highland Heights, KY 41099

NKU’s first LEED Project inspired by namesake

The new home of the College of Informatics demonstrates more environmentally friendly computer cooling systems.

The Green Learning Station of the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati will showcase a proposed Green Building signage project in a display at Park+Vine Nov. 30 – Jan. 24, 2013. An opening reception will be held Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 – 6 to 8 p.m. at Park+Vine, 1202 Main Street,  Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Northern Kentucky University Griffin Hall College of Informatics is one of the buildings that are part of the Cincinnati Green Building Signage Project. The following are some of the sustainable features of the building.

Site – Griffin Hall cleans stormwater runoff before it enters the sewer system, reducing downstream treatment needed.

Water Savings – More than 30-percent reduction in water usage is being achieved by using dual-flush toilets, low-flush urinals and low-flow showers, lavatory and kitchen faucets.

Energy Efficiency – Griffin Hall chose computer and server cooling refrigerants that have zero ozone depletion effect and very small global warming potential. Computer servers generate a large amount of heat.

Materials – Griffin Hall’s goal is to divert at least 75 percent of the construction waste from landfills. This is done by recycling wood, plastic, paper, cardboard and metal. Commingled dumspter service makes it easy.

Air Quality – CO2 sensors are provided in all densely occupied spaces such as conference rooms. If CO2 is greater than 1000 parts per million, more fresh air is supplied.

Learn about stormwater management at the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati’s Green Learning Station, 2715 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45206, 513-221-0981

Posters created by Chuck Lohre, Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy, Green Building division of Lohre & Assoc. Marketing Communications, © 2012

Banners donated by Worldfx, Inc., a Cincinnati-based Manufacturer of Custom Globes and Environmentally Responsible, Large-Format Prints.

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