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Cincinnati Green Building Signage Project presents:

An early pioneer of sustainable building design
370 Neeb Road, Delhi, OH 45233

EarthConnection opened in 1991 as a center for learning and reflection about “living lightly” on Earth.

EarthConnection is one of the buildings that are part of the Cincinnati Green Building Signage Project. The following are some of the sustainable features of the building.

Site – The building started out as an four-car parking garage. By adding a second floor, it preserved open space for a garden and trails through the woods.

Water Savings – Low volume and flush and flow water  fixtures are used.

Energy Efficiency – An experimental solar heating system uses solar energy to store heat in the ground surrounding the building during the summer to heat the building in the winter.

Materials – The structural timber frame, for example, uses less wood than a conventional stick-built structure and required substantially less energy to manufacture.

Air Quality – The building uses a tower structure for natural ventilation along with the clerestory windows. EarthConnection was founded by Sister Paula Gonzalez, SC, Ph.D.

Learn more about vegetable gardens at the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati’s Green Learning Station, 2715 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45206, 513-221-0981

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