Earth Guardians Camp at Dusty Multiverse

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Hi all Earth Guardians,

I (Chuck Lohre) camped with the Earth Guardians in 2016 and being a computer geek, I wanted to try to host a camp for them in the Dusty Multiverse. I don’t mean for this to be an official takeover, so please help if you want or I’ll turn it over to any one that wants to own it.

We’ll have discussions about all sorts of things everyday. Here’s the schedule.

9:00 AM
Recycling – What Goes Where?

9:30 AM
Planting Flowers from Seed for a Pollinator Garden

10:00 AM
Checking Your Solar Panels for Optimum Electricity Production

10:30 AM
Keeping Your Bicycle and Car in Shape

11:00 AM
Using the “Plant Snap” App to Identify Flowers

11:30 AM
How To Sew a Face Mask to Keep Others Safe

12:00 PM
Planning Your Deck Garden for Tomatoes and Lettuce Production

12:30 PM
Composting “One, Two, Three” For Flower Beds

1:00 PM
Using the SkyView App to Identify Stars and Planets

1:30 PM
Making and Flying Paper Airplanes Off the Back Deck

2:00 PM
Using the BirdSong app to Identify Birds

2:30 PM
Analyzing Your Home’s Energy Use with an Energy Sensor

3:00 PM
Taking a Closer Look at Your Yard with a Magnifying Camera

3:30 PM
How To Draw A Tree Class

4:00 PM
Making Hummingbird Nectar

4:30 PM
Taking a Walk in Nature Nearby

5:00 PM
Caring for Your Pets

5:30 PM
Earth Day Songs with Kandyce Loraine

6:00 PM
Gathering Things to Take To St. Vincent DePaul

6:30 PM
How Does a Sun Dial Work?

7:00 PM
Planning a Trip Using Public Transportation

7:30 PM
How to Reduce Your Use of Plastic

8:00 PM
Measuring Your Carbon Footprint

Thanks to Kate Houston, Rock Star Librarian for the Dusty Multiverse

Here’s the Earth Guardians site

The Earth Guardians have been inspiring the Burning Man community to embrace Leave No Trace(LNT) principles and practices since 1999. Over the last few years, Earth Guardians have expanded our mission from outreach on Leave No Trace outdoor ethics to keeping Black Rock City sustainable by using our outreach volunteer teams and our BRC camp events to inspire and provide a learning hub for participants.

Our major volunteer teams on playa include LNT outreach and BLM compliance, hot spring patrols and animal release, the MOOP train, our alternative energy garden, an information desk and support for event and camp operations for over 300 volunteer hours. We also have many training events and volunteer workshops year-round, creating reusable MOOP bags, butt containers and grey water evapatrons. Each year we focus on emerging issues that have the potential to impact the playa or our community.

Earth Guardians inspire, inform and encourage our fellow Black Rock City citizens to apply the Leave No Trace principles to life in our temporary desert home and to leave positive traces. Each year we try to think of ways to stimulate the Burning Man community to appreciate the Black Rock environment, embrace LNT and greener practices in their own creative ways. By focusing the community’s tremendous artistic, technical and spiritual energy, we can go beyond leaving “no trace” and leave instead, positive traces on the land.

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