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July 30, 2015
To help you quickly find items that are most relevant to your organization, we are now dividing the flyer into four sections:
Office Furniture — Office Supplies
Children, Bed, Bath & Decor  — Hardware/Building
Items of special interest, such as new arrivals, seasonal items, or those really in need of a good home will generally be at the start of each section. As always, we encourage you to browse the entire list, which is only a sample of items on hand.
Special thanks to our donor Trihealth  for providing some of the items on today’s flyer.
If you want to order something on today’s flyer please call us at 
513-554-4944 – don’t email.

ReSource is located at 3610 Park 42 Drive, Sharonville, OH.

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. until 4:15 p.m.

Medium-size 2-pedestal desk

Modern laminate and metal finish


2 file drawers, 2 box drawers, 1 lap drawer; locking, but keys not included.


Measures: 61″ W x 30″ D x 29.5″ H


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $45

Larger 1-pedestal desk

Light wood laminate and putty finish


1 file drawer, 1 box drawer, cutouts for electrical/computer cables


Measures: 72″ W x 36″ D x 29″ H


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $35

All purpose office/breakroom tables

Off-white laminate with wood trim; adjustable feet for leveling


Measures: 48″ L x 30″ W x 29″ H


Available: 2


Administrative Fee:  $25 each

Folding Conference/Breakroom table

Wood laminate finish; locking legs


Measures: 72″ L x 36″ W x 29.5″ H


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $25

Computer Desk

Compact style with adjustable-height keyboard tray


White finish


Measures: 36″ W x 30″ D x 29.5″H




Administrative Fee:  $20  each

Wall Mount Locking Wood Storage

Light Oak Cabinets to Hang

Small Shelf At Bottom (see photo)

These lock and come with keys


Measures: 72″ W x 17.5″ D


Available: 4


Administrative Fee:  $75  each

Wood Desk, Double Pedestal



Plenty of storage!  Two lockable file drawers and two lockable box drawers; key included


Color: Dark cherry finish


Measures: 72″ W x 36″ D x 29″ H


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $55

Stackable Guest Chairs



Stackable wood frame guest chairs


Floral/leaf print cloth fabric


Available: 16


Administrative Fee:  $12 Each

Vinyl Guest Chairs


Vinyl fabric, wood frame guest chairs

Color: Aqua, light wood frame


Available: 2


Administrative Fee:  $15 Each


Cloth Guest Chairs


Cloth fabric, wood frame guest chairs  3bcd5360-c085-4d84-bcba-a54418b85a4c-2730998


Color: Tan fabric, wood frame


Available: 2


Administrative Fee:  $15 Each



Steelcase Office/Conference Chairs


Cloth fabric, some wear    7d05859f-6ae7-498b-aef0-c764ad54b824-7106050


Color: light blue fabric, off-white frame


Available: 31


Administrative Fee:  $12 Each

Gray Plush Suede Office Chair


Adjustable Gray Suede Fabric Office Chair 83997711-e5d1-4f56-8aad-a5b02088c4db-2034797


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $18

Haworth Lobby/End Tables


Haworth Gray Laminate Round Occasional Tables

Measure: 20″ W x 16″ H (have 1)

20″ W x 20″ H (have 1)


Available: Total of 2 (see above)


Administrative Fee:  $25 Each

Mobile Audio-Visual Cabinet


Mobile cabinet with two pull-out shelves and power strip


Dark Oak Finish


Measures: 36″W x 25″D x 30″H


Administrative Fee:  $35

Light Blue Steelcase Office Chairs


Steelcase Office Chairs


Available: 8


Administrative Fee:  $15 Each

Medium Blue Steelcase Office Chairs


Blue Fabric with a Slight Dot Pattern

Adjustable Chairs


Available: 9


Administrative Fee:  $15 Each

Mobile Guest Chairs w/Tray


Unique upholstered chair with wheels

small drink tray on one arm, larger tray

on opposite arm


Available: 1 remaining


Administrative Fee:  $25

3-Piece L-shaped Modular Desk


Sturdy modular L-shaped desks, metal base, laminated top


Color: Grey and white


23″ deep x 29″ high

Side pieces 36″-60″ long

Corners 36″ x 36″, some with keyboard pull-out trays (not shown)


Available: 6 L-shaped units

29″ deep x 29″ high

Side pieces 36″ and 60″ long

Corner 42″x42″


Available: 1 L-shaped unit


Administrative Fee (both sizes)

$75 per 3-piece unit, only sold as unit

Oak Executive Desk w/Conference Table Return


Beautiful Solid Oak Executive Desk

with Conference Table Peninsula Return


Measures:  78″ X 41″ Desk

74″ X 38″ Return
Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $150

Black Laminate Modern Desk


Black Laminate Desk with Arched Front

One Pedestal, Locking with Keys


Measures:  6′ X 41″


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $55

4-Drawer Lateral File with Pop-out drawers

Drawer automatically slides out when door is opened.

Adjustable for legal or letter size hanging folders.
Color: Black


Measures: 36″W x 20″D x 52″H


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $36

Corner Workspace w/Height Adjustable Table


Steelcase corner workstation with electric adjustable height table (wheelchair accessible – ADA compliant), and overhead files

48″ X 23 3/4″ – Adjustable Table

54″ X 23 3/4″ – Return

1 B/B/F Pedestal

1 2 Drawer Lateral File

2 Wall Mounted 48″ Overheads with task lights and tack boards


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $200

White Board / Flip Chart Easel


Use as-is as whiteboard, or add flip charts to built-in chart holding clamp


(Flip charts not included)


Whiteboard measures: 25.5″ W x 32″ H


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $25

4″ x 6″ Photo Paper


HP Inkjet photo paper


Ten 4″x6″ sheets per package


Available: 100+


Administrative Fee:  20¢ per package



TOPS Statement Laser Form


Quickbooks Compatible


8.5″ x 11″ Laser form, 50 sheets/pack


Available: 32


Administrative Fee:  60¢ per package



Pens !


Bic stick pens with black ink

(have US Bank logo) – great for agencies helping with back to school needs


Available: Thousands


Administrative Fee:  5¢ each or a box of 500 pens for $20 (4¢)



Electric Stapler


Acco Brand


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $12 each

HP Deskjet 450 Color Printer


Portable color printer for 8.5″ x 11″ paper


Available: 2 with power cord and printer USB cable

1  with only USB Cable


Administrative Fee:  $20 with power cable, $10 without

Brochure Holder


2 holders per board; each slot holds brochures up to 6.25″ wide x 11″ tall


Free-standing or counter/wall mount


Available: 14


Administrative Fee:  $1 each

Brass 3-way Lamp



Traditional brass finish
Measure: 7″ diameter base, 33″ Height


Shade not included


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $20

Lobby/End Tables

Square Occasional Tables

Measure: 21.5″ W x 17.75″ H


Available: Total of 5 (see above)


Administrative Fee:  $20 Each

20.6 Cu Ft Refrigerator



Tested and Running, but well-used


Measures: 31.5″ W x 67″H x 32″D


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $45

8 Pack Crayons


8 various colors in a clear plastic bag –

great for agencies looking for school supplies !!


Available: Hundreds of packages


Administrative Fee:  $.15 / pack

Poster Board


Dark blue poster board, 22″x28″


25 per pack


Available: 9 packs


Administrative Fee: $5.00 per pack

(Sold only as packs)



Travel Books–Great for the Classroom


Discovery Travel Books


Available: Dinosaur Digs — 11

Alaskan Wilderness — 16


Administrative Fee: $0.50 each



Convertible Chair/Bed

ff66c69f-2270-4481-85f3-3aad2f3406dc-9587647Brand: Nemschoff Chairs


Blue floral pattern fabric and vinyl seat


Measures: 32″ x 31″ as chair,


and folds out to 70″x21″ bed


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $70.00




Medical Exam Table


Midmark Medical

Model 104 Exam Table


Measures: 27″W x 46″L (base) x 32″H


Brown vinyl finish

Adjustable back;

Includes pull-out step, pull-out leg rest, stirrups, drawers


Available: 1

Administrative Fee:  $75.00


Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities


Variety of brands and styles


Finishes: white, pine, walnut, etc.


Sizes: small to medium


Available: over 15


Administrative Fee:  Most $10, unless otherwise marked

Sink Tops


Variety of brands and styles


Sizes: small to medium


Available: 12


Administrative Fee:  $10 each unless otherwise marked

4-drawer Kitchen Cabinet


American Woodmark, soft-closing drawers


4-drawer, top drawer with two flatware/utensil trays


Finish: Light Oak


Measure: 23.5″W x 34.5″H x 25″D
Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $30 each

New Carpet Remnants


4 Large Matching Rolls of Good Quality

Neutral Tan Carpeting


2 rolls are approx. 12 X 15′

2 rolls are approx. 12 X 18′

All Matching


Administrative Fee:  $60 / Roll

Prehung Exterior Fiberglass Door


Trinity Glass International

Prehung Fiberglass Exterior Door


Door Measures: 36″ x 80″


Finish: Dark Wood


Swing in, energy star compliant


Available: 1


Administrative Fee:  $60

Wood Finish & Preservative


5 Gallons of Wolman Wood

Finish & Preservative

with 3 Year Guarantee


Available: 4 pails
Administrative Fee:  $25.00 Each


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