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Donate or Recycle Computers in Cincinnati, Ohio

Since 2002, the volunteers at Cincinnati Computer Cooperative (CCC) have been collecting used computers and computer equipment in order to give back to our local community.

Most of the equipment donated from businesses, schools, nonprofits and individuals goes to certified end of life recyclers after hard drives are removed and crushed. Nothing goes overseas or into landfills. A minimal fee is charged to cover disposal costs and program operations.

Newer computers and monitors get a new lease on life through our “Computers for Homes” or “Computers for Schools” programs. P4 systems with 2 gigahertz or higher are inspected and cleaned before a newly refurbished hard drive is installed. The refurbished computer will have a newly licensed Windows XP operating system, along with antivirus software and helpful utilities. Clients can choose Open Office or Microsoft Office as their productivity suite. System prices range from $75 to $150 including computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard, making technology affordable for all qualified buyers, which includes K-14 students, seniors (over 55) and individuals receiving state or federal assistance.

“Computers for Schools” allows both schools and nonprofits to take advantage of our discounted pricing. See our C4S order form for details or call (513) 771-3262 for more information.

Interested in volunteering? CCC volunteers come from all walks of life, with high school and college students earning service hours, adults learning and improving their technology skills and seniors sharing their time to help others benefit from technology. The minimum age for volunteers is 16.

Got computer equipment to discard? Bring it by on Wednesday evening (6-9 PM) or Saturday mornings (9-noon) for drop off. Contact us for large donations of equipment.

Hours and Location…

(513) 771-3262

Cincinnati Computer Cooperative Hours

  • Wednesday Evening 6pm – 9pm
  • Saturday Mornings 9am – 12pm