Cincinnati Bike Share – Study Recommends 35 Bike Share Stations Downtown, Uptown

ChuckLohreCincinnati Bike Share
The City of Cincinnati has completed a feasibility study identifying the best way to implement a successful bike share program in the city. The study recommends 21 station locations in the Downtown/OTR area, and 14 stations in the Uptown area.Station locations were determined through an analysis of potential demand based on where people live, work, play and shop, and the desire to travel between these places. Public input through a collaborative mapping website also played a significant role in determining the recommended station locations. The stations with the most public support included those at Washington Park, Fountain Square, Findlay Market, the Purple People Bridge, Union Terminal, and Government Square.“We went into this study wanting the public to be a big part of the process. They contributed more than 300 suggestions for stations and cast nearly 2,000 votes,” said Michael Moore, Director of Transportation & Engineering. “Thanks to all their input, this study helps ensure bike share is relevant and useful to the residents and commuters in the downtown neighborhoods.”

Download the completed feasibility study. The City intends to an issue a Request for Proposals for a bike share system operator within the next few months.

About Bike Share
In a bike sharing program you can rent a bicycle at self-service stations located conveniently throughout the city — fast and convenient 24-hour access for any trip that’s too long to be easily walked but too short to require using a car or public transit. You can pick up a bike close to home or work, ride to your destination, and then return the bike to any nearby docking station. The stations accept credit card payment for rental, and the rental cost is determined by the length of use. Bike share programs have been implemented in cities across the country, including Washington DC, Boston, and New York City.

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