Fostering Behavior Change Minute: Using Email to Change Behavior

ChuckLohreFostering Behavior Change

From Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Ph.D., Nancy Artz and Peter Cooke have utilized the Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) email system to foster the adoption of sustainable behaviors by DEP staff.* Emails were sent to 420 employees encouraging their engagement in four household behaviors: 1) checking tire pressure, 2) installing high-efficiency light bulbs, 3) checking the efficiency of their refrigerator, and …

Wall Street Journal Recycling article

Hunches regarding why people recycle or get vaccinated.

ChuckLohreFostering Behavior Change

We each have hunches regarding why people engage in activities such as walking to work, recycling, or getting vaccinated. For instance, theories regarding personal motivations for recycling abound. Recycling, it has been suggested, is popular because it alleviates our guilt for not adopting the more inconvenient aspects of sustainable living. This hypothesis suggests that curbside recycling is simply an antidote …