Marge Schott Boy Scout Achievement Center

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This is the first Boy Scout Service Center in the country to go for LEED Certification. The project captures and treats storm water runoff from 80% of the average annual rainfall. It also reduces non-roof heat island effect with one of the only light colored cement parking lots in the region. And it lowers lighting power densities and light pollution through the use of CFL lighting in the building and LED on the grounds.

The new, LEED Silver, Boy Scouts of American, Dan Beard Council, Achievement Center is at 10078 Reading Rd., 45241, across from Formica. If you’ve seen the cool Girl Scouts Service Center in Dayton, they have raised the bar on this project. Go to their site for directions.
From their site, “Architectural Project Details – Design and Construction from one of the Best: A special group of volunteers was formed, once our Board of Directors committed to building the best Scout Service Center in the country for our community. The architecture firm hired for this project is BHDP Architecture. BHDP Architecture is highly regarding in Cincinnati and has designed high-quality structures and campus areas for projects in our metropolitan area and other markets in the nation. For BHDP Architecture, the Scout Achievement Center and Campus represents more than just another project. Managing Partner Mike Habel is passionate about Scouting. Plus, he understands that this project will be highly visible to the board of directors of the Dan Beard Council and will be an opportunity to demonstrate BHDP Architecture’s capabilities to this large group of individuals that represent many of Cincinnati ‘s largest companies”

On August 12, 2009 there was a Green Building Learning Tour of Boy Scout Achievement Center by Cindia Wren, AIA, LEED AP, project Architect BHDP. Here are some photos Chuck Lohre took.

LEED Features:
– Site is located within 1/2 mile of basic community services and a dense residential area
– Project has increase open space 25% more than local codes
– Captures and treats stormwater runoff from 80% of the average annual rainfall
– Reduces roof and non-roof heat island effect. It has one of the only light colored parking lots in the region. Very cool! The roof is a light colored PVC material.
– Lower lighting power densities for exterior and facade lighting to reduce light pollution. LSI LED lighting throughout the grounds are another first for the region.
– Eliminates use of city water for landscaping
– 30% less water use for interior than EPAct baseline
– Recycled and/or salvage at least 80% of non-hazardous construction debris
– 20% recycled content and regional sources within 500 miles
– Low-emitting (non-stinky) adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, carpet, carpet pads, composite wood and agrifiber products
– Daylighting for 90% of regularly occupied areas
– Green education program
– Green houskeeping
– Integrated pest management program

The Center is located at 10078 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241. Go to their site for directions. Please RSVP by email to Green Cincinnati or call 513-260-9025.

Project team:
bhdp architecture
Messer Construction Company
THP Limited, Inc. structural engineering
Motz Consulting Engineers mechanical engineering
Kleingers & Associates civil engineering






LSI Lighting:
Indoor –
LiniArc Direct/Indirect — (perf cover)
LED Exit
Outdoor –
Greenlee Hyperion Bollard
Greenlee RDB & RDS inground uplights
Crossover XAM

Patriot Wall Sconce

Patriot area light

The following site has the lighting related criteria for the various versions of ASHRAE 90.1

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