Better LEED Metal Documentation Can Provide up to 95% Recycled and 100% Regional Content

ChuckLohreLEED Metal Documentation

Steel may represent about 10% of the value of LEED materials. 2801erie44Taking advantage of those high percentages requires steel sources that have the knowledge and source documentation to back them up.

American Metal Supply has prepared a document you can use to learn the questions you need to ask to get those valuable recycled and regional credits. Railings may make up a significant part of the steel material value in a project. Where the scrap steel was salvaged for the Electric Arc Furnace manufacturing process represents the extraction location for regional credits. To earn maximum credits, mill need to supply not only the pre and post consumer recycled content but also the location and percentage of the scrap metal.  Contact Green Cincinnati for a copy or request one from American Metal Supply Cincinnati (513) 396-6600, Louisville (502) 634-4321.

Photo by Chuck Lohre of Jose’ Garcia Architect’s 2801 Erie.

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