Cincinnati Zoo AIP Masters

Advanced Inquiry Program at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden with Miami U.

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Earn your master’s degree at the Cincinnati Zoo through this inquiry-driven program focused on local conservation and social change. Apply by February 28 for admission in Spring 2015!

Cincinnati Zoo AIP Masters

The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) is a one-of-a-kind master’s degree program for formal and informal educators, as well as professionals with a heart for the environment, who want to develop their inquiry-based teaching skills inside and outside the classroom while striving to affect positive social change in their local community. Co-delivered by the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and Miami University’s Project Dragonfly, AIP combines graduate courses at the Zoo with web-based learning communities that connect you to a broad network of educators and community leaders.

 Degree Options

  • Master of Art in Teaching (MAT) in Biological Sciences*, designed for licensed K-12 teachers
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Biology, for all non-licensed, informal educators. *Note: The MAT degree does not confer a teaching certificate.


Enrollment is open to applicants with a bachelor’s degree, regardless of academic major or current profession. The AIP is designed for K-12 teachers and a broad range of environmental and education professionals, and can be completed part-time while working.


21 credit hours at the Zoo + 14 credit hours taken with AIP Master’s students nationwide via web-based learning communities. All courses have a web component.  Students also complete a Master’s portfolio and have the opportunity to participate in Earth Expedition courses ( to learn first-hand about community conservation efforts across the globe.

Program Costs

This is one of the most affordable graduate programs out there!  Miami offers substantially reduced tuition for AIP courses. Cost for this Master’s is about $3,545 per year, roughly 75% less than full Miami tuition. AIP Master Institutions may also charge individual course costs, which vary by course and by institution.  Estimated yearly costs**: Year 1  ~$3,419; Year 2 ~ $4030; Year 3 ~ $1960; Total = $ 9409.  **Costs are estimates and subject to change based on your specific schedule and increased course costs.

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