30 Iconic Velomobile Designs From The Past 85 Years

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Written by Dillon Hiles, Last updated on March 18th, 2021

A velomobile, for those who don’t know, is a human powered vehicle. Also known as a bicycle car, these things are based off of the recumbent bikes and tricycles, and have a full, aerodynamic outer shell that protects them from weather and crashes.

Most of these devices are three or four wheeled, though two wheeled versions exist. Bicycle car really is the most accurate name for these things, since they are pedalled and steered like a bicycle.

There are multiple kinds; hybrids that have both pedals and a motor, streamliners made for racing, models both with the head of the rider exposed and with the head covered.

In the past 85 years, we’ve seen velomobiles pop up time and time again. So to celebrate the many different models, we have a big graphic with 30 of the most iconic velomobile designs since the 1930’s.

30 Iconic Velomobile Designs From The Past 85 Years

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