CR4 - Blog Entry: Four Garages, Large and Small, Added to National Register of Historic Places

About 2 days ago from Green Cincinnati's Twitter via HubSpot

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Adaptive Reuse: New Life for Old Buildings

The exciting project I’m talking about comes from two college guys in Vermont.  Needing a capstone project for their degree, the two paired up and proposed a project to convert an old coal power plant into a cultural center in their Vermont town.  Not only was their project proposal approved for their capstone project, but they also contacted the mayor and other major players in town to propose the project in actuality – which rarely happens with college capstone projects!

Community Shares Gourmet Grub For Good 2015

Earth Day Cincinnati’s submissions. Chefs Janet Groeber and Chuck Lohre.

10 of the world’s greenest offices

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 – 6:18pm, Green Biz Jonathan Bardelline Few offices take the grand steps to join the greenest of the green, whether anointed by LEED Platinum or the Living Building Challenge. These 10 soared beyond the low-hanging fruit to make major strides in efficiency, material use, recycling and more. 1. Skanska’s VКla GМrd office Some […]

Wright Residence Green Home Tour Agenda

  9:30 Arrive and set up coffee and sweets, two pots high powered from Park + Vine and a pot of decaf from Stitwell’s. Schenken and Tea Ring from Grater’s and Girl Scout Cookies. 9:45 Greet guests, 24 adults and two kids 10:00 Gather in great room 10:15 Introduce self, Chuck Lohre, Chair of the local Southwestern Ohio Chapter of […]

Gaitan Green Marketing Home Tour LEED Success

9:30 Arrive and set up coffee and sweets, pot and a half high powered from Coffee Emporium and a pot of decaf from Stitwell’s. King Cake, Schenken and Tea Ring from Grater’s. 9:45 Greet guests, 20 in all arrived as well as Marc Hueber from builder John Heuber Homes and Dave Horton the U.S. Green […]

The Ten Greenest, Greatest Christmas Gifts: 1. Recycling set, 2. Graywater Sink, 3. Bicycle, 4. Raised Garden Bed, 5. Walking Shoes, 6. Honda Insight, 7. Nest Thermostat, 8. Big Ass Fan, 9. Pellet Stove Grill and 10. Glider Ride

Great gifts covering all the bases: Food, Transportation, Energy, Water and Materials.

Casa Bella Verde – 2012 Insulated Concrete Form Builder Award – Best Unlimited Residential

Casa Bella Verde has chosen to use ICF technology in its design to create the most energy efficient structure known to the building industry. ICF technology enables the designer to create, without limitations, a home with the very maximum energy efficiency.

365 Sustainability Leaders

The 365 is a group of individuals that pledge to not contribute any more carbon to the atmosphere. To join purchase carbon offsets or create a lifestyle that doesn’t add carbon to the atmosphere. If you like, you can join our Facebook page. Thanks for your interest. You’ll be invited to special events and eligible for recognition by our sponsors who also contribute no carbon to the atmosphere. The name 365 comes from the number of days in a year 365.2422. We hope you’ll look into carbon offsets and a sustainable life style and join us.

Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims

These guides set forth the Federal Trade Commission’s current views about environmental claims. The guides help marketers avoid making environmental marketing claims that are unfair or deceptive under Section 5 of the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. § 45. They do not confer any rights on any person and do not operate to bind the FTC or the public.

‘Go Green Day Camp’ June 11th-15th Cincinnati Museum Center

Go Green! June 11-15 – Help Museum Center do our part to stay green by learning what being “green” means! We will look at the science behind being green, and what Museum Center does to help the environment. Learn more.