CR4 - Blog Entry: Four Garages, Large and Small, Added to National Register of Historic Places

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Alliance for Leadership and Interconnection – 2012 Report – Programs and Initiatives

You share our passion for building a sustainable, healthy environment and for nurturing our youth to become caring, knowledgeable stewards of this shared environment. So you will be pleased to hear that ALI’s efforts this year have been commended and recognized as successful initiatives for positive change! In fact, ALI and our public schools are leading the way in environmental change and your support has been instrumental in this important catalyst role. Thank you for your support!

ALI for Schools, Taft Information Technology High School

April 28, 2011 Alliance for Leadership and Interconnection (ALI) CET Anti-Idling Video Premiere and – Join us in Celebrating Premiere of Cincinnati Anti-Idling Campaign Video featuring Cincinnati Public Schools Eco-leaders & Recognition of Green School Advocates & Eco-mentors at CET Studios,1223 Central Parkway, Cincinnati OH 45202. The ALI/CET event is Free but does require registration. […]